• RE: ADM1062ACPZ device has this been tested and have certification to be used in medial application handheld battery operated unit. Class11


    ADM1062 does not have the certification to be used in medical application. Please refer to the ADM1062 datasheet for the specifications. 



  • RE: ADM106x Headerfile

    Hi Ren

    On a longer powersupply line I have 5, 6 or maybe more devices with a ADM1062 and the ADM should control the voltage over the bus.

    For this I need to configure the ADM1062 over a microcontroller. At powerup the system looks at the powerlevel…

  • ADM1062: ADC readback mode

    I use in a project the ADM1062 for monitoring some voltages. I want to use the
    ADM1062 only for analog digital conversion from the inputs VX1-5, VP1-4, VH an
    internal temperature sensor without averaging.
    I don't want to use the EEPROM…
  • RE: ADM1062 EEDWNLD functionality

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • ADM1062: Data storage on EEPROM

    We would like to use the ADM1062 device in an rugged powersupply and have few
    questions to you. 1. The data storage of the EEPROM is approximately 10 Years.
    Is it possible to reprogram the EEPROM after it lost the data? 2. Is it
  • Interface box for ADM1062 Sequencer

    I am trying to communicate with an ADM1062 Sequencer IC connected to one of our
    PCBA’s using the Software downloaded from your site. We had an Interface box in
    which we were able to do this, but unfortunately
    it has stopped working for…
  • RE: ADM1062 NSEU susceptibility

    Hi Scott,

    based on wafer fabrication data available here:

    Analog Devices Wafer Fabrication Data

    ADM1062 uses Process Technology of 0.5um CMOS

    So it's very robust against single event upset


  • Use ADM1062's ADC from inputs VX1-5, VP1-4, VH & Temp sensor without averaging?

    Can I use the ADM1062's ADC from inputs VX1-5, VP1-4, VH and Temp sensor
    without averaging?
    I don't want to use the EEPROM for configuration. I want to initialize the
    ADM1062 every start up over the SMBus. Can you tell me which…
  • ADM1060 Power Sequencer support for USB interface

    Is there a USB programming tool for ADM1060 because parallel ports are no
    longer available on PCs. USB-to-Parallel adapters don't work as ADM1060
    evaluation SW can't redirect data for the ADM1060 to a virtual parallel port.
  • ADM106x power sequencers and eval boards

    Planning to use ADM1066 and its eval board. Here are 3 quick questions:

    The USB-to-I2C dongle (USB-SDP-CABLEZ) terminates on a 10-pin Micro-Match

    male connector. The connection to the Eval Board is via a 3-pin header, 0.1" pitch,

    part number USB…