• RE: ESD Ratings of ADL6010

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  • RE: ADL6010. Envelope detector

    It should not change, assuming you have let the output settle.  Depending on your particular pulse width and duty cycle, and the averaging you have on the output, output settling might not happen completely.  See Figure 46 for rise and fall times vs. the…

  • RE: Output Variation of HMC733

    Thank you very much. I am sampling ADL6010 with an ADC (AD7606).

  • RE: RF envelop detector & power design solution for envelop tracking RF PA

    Depending on the carrier frequency, ADL6010 works from 0.5 to 43.5GHz. Or ADL5511 works from DC to 6GHz.



  • Adl6010 - low power pulse performance

    I am experiencing poor leading edge pulse performance with an adl6010 detector (mounted on my own evaluation board design)

    For pulse powers less than -15dBm, there is a delay between RF leading edge and the detected video output voltage (>20ns), however…

  • ADL6010- Power Detector Frequency Response?

    Hi All,

    I have a question regarding ADL6010 - Fast Responding 45dB range, 500MHz to 40GHz Power Detector.

    I measured frequency sweep (29-31GHz) vs. Vout (at Pin = 3.5 dBm and Pin = 20 dBm) on the EVAL Board. (EVAL-ADL6010).

    And I observed rippling…

  • AD633 AD534 square root connection -- linearizer RF detector response

    Doing some testing to use an AD534 or AD633 multiplier as a square rooter.  The datasheet for the AD633 nicely show a square root configuration  with the multiplier in the feedback path of and opamp, with the output (W) being connected to the inverting…

  • RE: AGC working at high frequency

    You could also take a look at ADL6010 whose response is pretty flat vs frequency. In this case, you will however need to make an external integrator using an op-amp.

  • RE: AD8317 operation at 10GHz & impedance matching

    The input impedance of the detector at 10GHz (in the R//jX form) is about 225ohms//0.39pF. Keep in mind that, this number is only an estimation and the actual number may deviate. Probe limitations at higher frequencies make it challenging to accurately…