• ESD Ratings of ADL6010


    Please help to know the ESD ratings of ADL6010.

    For example, ESD Sensitivity(HBM) Class 0, 1A or else.


  • ADL6010 S-parameter

    I am trying to improve the impedance matching of the ADL6010 around 35GHz.
    So I downloaded the S-parameter file, but couldn't find the information of the reference plane.
    Please tell me the details of the ADL6010's S-parameter measurement setup…
  • [ADL6010] power supply


    Is it possible to use 3.3V or 4V for the VPOS of ADL6010?
    I have limited VDD and I would like to check what happens when I use those of supplies.
    (e.g. slope changes?, maximum detectable input power drop?or any other dangerous degradation?)

    thank you…

  • ADL6010. Envelope detector

    Does output voltage (Figure 3 datasheet)  change for different PW/PRI of the input signal?

    Input frequency signal from 1 to 18GHz.

  • Adl6010 - low power pulse performance

    I am experiencing poor leading edge pulse performance with an adl6010 detector (mounted on my own evaluation board design)

    For pulse powers less than -15dBm, there is a delay between RF leading edge and the detected video output voltage (>20ns), however…

  • ADL6010- Power Detector Frequency Response?

    Hi All,

    I have a question regarding ADL6010 - Fast Responding 45dB range, 500MHz to 40GHz Power Detector.

    I measured frequency sweep (29-31GHz) vs. Vout (at Pin = 3.5 dBm and Pin = 20 dBm) on the EVAL Board. (EVAL-ADL6010).

    And I observed rippling…

  • ADL6010 - Is it possible to have an accurate reponse at 400 MHz


    I want to use the envelope detector ADL6010 in my application. I have, among others, a Tx frequency at 400 MHz.

    Is this component suitable for this frequency, lower than the specified minimum frequency seen in the datasheet?

    Can I get an accurate response…

  • AD633 AD534 square root connection -- linearizer RF detector response

    Doing some testing to use an AD534 or AD633 multiplier as a square rooter.  The datasheet for the AD633 nicely show a square root configuration  with the multiplier in the feedback path of and opamp, with the output (W) being connected to the inverting…

  • RE: Output Variation of HMC733

    Thank you very much. I am sampling ADL6010 with an ADC (AD7606).