• EVAL ADL5920

    ref:  https://ez.analog.com/rf/f/q-a/105667/software-tools-for-adicup3029

    I got this working in the past.

    I have a new computer. I ran the quikeval but upon its completion I get a screen in which it says "The USB-to-Serial Controller is not connected"…

  • Arduino shield for ADL5920

    This video


    suggests there's a series of Arduino shields for some AD and LT parts - I am interested in one discussed for the ADL5920 but I can find no further info.   Is…

  • ADL5920 release schedule


    What is a release schedule for ADL5920? Will it be ready for autumn?

    Or should we stay with conventional directional couplers along with LTC5583 IC?

  • ADL5920 Crest factor

    What is the max crest factor for RMS operation?

  • Using ADL5920 for Antenna impedance measurements

    We are planning to use ADL5920 in our antenna matching circuit. Our radio works from 1MHz to 100MHZ and the connected antenna is mono-pole and tend to have impedance other than 50 ohm.. We are planning to insert an tunable LC matching circuit in the path…

  • EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ Hardware Reference Information


    I have a question: When opening this link (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adl5920-ardz#hardware_reference_information) on the bottom of the page I can see hardware reference information.

    It has some links but unfortunately…

  • Evaluation software for EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ


    I want to do quick tests with my new EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ,
    can you share evaluation software for that board?

    Best regards,

  • EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ calibration

    Looking at the schematic for the eval board


    I see U2 is a 24LC025-I/ST

    I assume that holds calibration data fro the board? 

    If not what is it for?

    If so, is it preloaded at the factory?

  • Adalm Pluto as signal generator for ADL5920

    Hello experts,

    I am struggling to help my students complete their experiment. We need to generate a RF signal to send into the ADL5920 so we can detect a bounce back from a change in materials. Through ice and bouncing back off the water underneath.…

  • Manual install of ADL5920-ADRZ module in QuikEval


    I am trying to install the GUI for the ADL5920-ADRZ board. I have installed QuikEval and it seems to recognize my ADL5920 board when I plug it in. It attempts to download the module but cannot (probably due to my antivirus/firewall, which I cannot…