• Arduino shield for ADL5920

    This video


    suggests there's a series of Arduino shields for some AD and LT parts - I am interested in one discussed for the ADL5920 but I can find no further info.   Is…

  • EVAL ADL5920

    ref:  https://ez.analog.com/rf/f/q-a/105667/software-tools-for-adicup3029

    I got this working in the past.

    I have a new computer. I ran the quikeval but upon its completion I get a screen in which it says "The USB-to-Serial Controller is not connected"…

  • ADL5920 release schedule


    What is a release schedule for ADL5920? Will it be ready for autumn?

    Or should we stay with conventional directional couplers along with LTC5583 IC?

  • Using ADL5920 for Antenna impedance measurements

    We are planning to use ADL5920 in our antenna matching circuit. Our radio works from 1MHz to 100MHZ and the connected antenna is mono-pole and tend to have impedance other than 50 ohm.. We are planning to insert an tunable LC matching circuit in the path…

  • ADL5920 Crest factor

    What is the max crest factor for RMS operation?

  • EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ Hardware Reference Information


    I have a question: When opening this link (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adl5920-ardz#hardware_reference_information) on the bottom of the page I can see hardware reference information.

    It has some links but unfortunately…

  • Evaluation software for EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ


    I want to do quick tests with my new EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ,
    can you share evaluation software for that board?

    Best regards,

  • EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ calibration

    Looking at the schematic for the eval board


    I see U2 is a 24LC025-I/ST

    I assume that holds calibration data fro the board? 

    If not what is it for?

    If so, is it preloaded at the factory?

  • Manual install of ADL5920-ADRZ module in QuikEval


    I am trying to install the GUI for the ADL5920-ADRZ board. I have installed QuikEval and it seems to recognize my ADL5920 board when I plug it in. It attempts to download the module but cannot (probably due to my antivirus/firewall, which I cannot…

  • Changing the corner frequency of the ADL5920 evaluation board


    I got a question concerning the use of the ADL5920-EVALZ evaluation board.

    As said on page 13 of the data sheet, the corner frequency of the board is set to 600 kHz due to the 10nF capacitors C2 and C19 and could be changed using larger capacitors…