• RE: the imaginary part of the reflective

    ADL5920 has internal amplitude detectors that can be calibrated to measure forward and reflected power magnitude. There is no provision for phase angle measurement. 

  • RE: Arduino shield for ADL5920

    order the DC2847A-KIT on the bottom of adl5920 product page.




  • RE: Unable to measure the correct reflected power using ADL5920 EVAL board


    the ADL5920-EVALZ SCH. is in the adl5920 datasheet, page 23. there's no user manual for this board, but it only requires 5v on VPOS to power the board up.



  • RE: Alternatives of AD8302 for amplitude detection at higher frequency

    Take a look at ADL5920 which is a scalar reflectometer with integrated coupling (www.analog.com/ADL5920). Also take a look at this circuit note(www.analog.com/cn0374). The ideas in there could be used to make a vector reflectometer.

  • EVAL ADL5920

    ref:  https://ez.analog.com/rf/f/q-a/105667/software-tools-for-adicup3029

    I got this working in the past.

    I have a new computer. I ran the quikeval but upon its completion I get a screen in which it says "The USB-to-Serial Controller is not connected"…

  • 07-26-17 Any application note for connecting 55dBm signal to ADL5920?

    Any application note for connecting 55dBm signal to ADL5920?

  • Software tools for ADICUP3029

    I recently received a DC2847A (or EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ)

    On this page:   https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adl5920-ardz

    it says to come to this EngineerZone to request the tools/GUI...

    So - how do I get it?



  • ADL5920 release schedule


    What is a release schedule for ADL5920? Will it be ready for autumn?

    Or should we stay with conventional directional couplers along with LTC5583 IC?

  • EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ calibration

    Looking at the schematic for the eval board


    I see U2 is a 24LC025-I/ST

    I assume that holds calibration data fro the board? 

    If not what is it for?

    If so, is it preloaded at the factory?