• Software tools for ADICUP3029

    I recently received a DC2847A (or EVAL-ADL5920-ARDZ)

    On this page:   https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adl5920-ardz

    it says to come to this EngineerZone to request the tools/GUI...

    So - how do I get it?



  • RE: Arduino shield for ADL5920

    order the DC2847A-KIT on the bottom of adl5920 product page.




  • RE: Alternatives of AD8302 for amplitude detection at higher frequency

    Take a look at ADL5920 which is a scalar reflectometer with integrated coupling (www.analog.com/ADL5920). Also take a look at this circuit note(www.analog.com/cn0374). The ideas in there could be used to make a vector reflectometer.

  • 07-26-17 Any application note for connecting 55dBm signal to ADL5920?

    Any application note for connecting 55dBm signal to ADL5920?

  • ADL5920 release schedule


    What is a release schedule for ADL5920? Will it be ready for autumn?

    Or should we stay with conventional directional couplers along with LTC5583 IC?

  • RE: ADL5920 Crest factor

    There is no real limit on the crest factor when using ADL5920. What you will find is that there will be a increasing measurement error for signals which have a large crest factor. The rms detector used in ADL5920 is very similar to ADL5906. In the ADL5906…

  • RE: ADI芯情2017大回顾,有奖认领属于你的“好芯事”

    新型检波器 ADL5920 出击,实现业界领先集成度和带宽



    它能同时测量一个信号路径中的正向和反向RMS功率水平以及回波损耗。针对空间受限应用, ADL5920 的检波功能集成了耦合或检测功能,提供的输出可直接驱动精密模数转换器 (ADC) 。针对宽带操作或频率变化, ADL5920 检波器无需为每个频率选择不同的定向耦合器。



  • RE: Changing the corner frequency of the ADL5920 evaluation board

    Hello Michael,

    The demo board has DC blocking capacitors at the RFIN and RFOUT pins. These two capacitors will affect the low-frequency insertion loss of the circuit. Larger capacitor values will provide lower insertion loss at lower operating frequencies…

  • ADL5920 eval board-EVAL-5920-ARDZ PC software GUI applications software

    We can I get the windows PC GUI software for the eval board-EVAL-5920-ARDZ? The board is DC2847A with an Arduino

  • RE: 07-26-17 Can you talk a bit about RF detection in situations with high VSWR?

    On behalf of Eamon Nash.

    We touched off this a little bit in the webcast. There is more to say about the topic. There are three approaches that we recommend.


    1. Use a dual RF Detector. You can use a dual directional coupler that couples off forward…