• adl5904

    Tengo un kit de evaluacion del ADL5904 desde el año 2014 y de las pruebas que he venido realizando el voltaje de salida siempre fluctua entre 0 y 3,6 voltios aproximadamente , en funcion de los dbm  que ingresan. Sin embargo, ahora que reviso las especificaciones…

  • ADL5904 Vrms output impedance


    Two related questions:

    1. What is the output impedance of the Vrms pin? (I didn't see it in the data sheet but apologies if I just missed it)

    2. The data sheet suggests putting a 10nF capacitor on the Vrms pin. What is the function of this capacitor…

  • ADL5904 max current pin10, Vrms?

    The data sheet page 8, Table 2. has no value for max current from VRMS pin.

    The suggested application has a capacitor directly on this pin, so some source impedance should be there, I would think.

    I think I damaged the output by shorting it to ground…

  • Loading on analog outputs of ADL5904

    We are using 1K series, 1K shunt to ground voltage divider on each of the two analog outputs (VRMS and VCAL). This loads each output with 2K ohms.

    VCAL seems to be loaded down significantly this. With the 2K load it is at 126mV, but with no load (resistors…

  • How to use LTC6946、ADL5904 and HMC637ALP5 in ADS_2016

    I want to use LTC6946、ADL5904 and HMC637ALP5 on my circuit by ADS_2016. But I don't know where to download these component model.

  • LTC6946、ADL5904、HMC637ALP5在ADS_2016上之使用問題

    如標題,我想在ADS 2016上呼叫這三個元件到電路圖上,但我找不到它的Library,希望有位好心人能幫我解決這個問題

  • 关于ADL5904检波器的输出电压

    hi 目前我使用ADL5904检波器时,输出的电压为1.3V附近,但此时没有任何的输入信号,测试,电流约为7mA,增加输入功率时,发现电压变化不大。仔细检查版图(按数据表格图44),没有发现问题?哪位仁兄可以提供点思路,谢谢

  • LTC6946、ADL5904、HMC637ALP5在ADS_2016上之使用問題

    如標題,我想在ADS 2016上呼叫這三個元件到電路圖上,但我找不到它的Library,希望有位好心人能幫我解決這個問題

  • RE: Couple CN0178 question


    The ADL5904 portable power detector board will be released in the coming months, along with the ADL5904 part also. I am currently in the process of writing the circuit note for this CFTL. After release, you will be able to find the board linked on…

  • CN-0399 circuit note improvement related

    In the circuit mentioned in CN-0399, ADL5904 and AD7091R is used. ADL5904 is a true rms responding power detector. ADL 5904 gives output in the form of DC voltage.

    What is the resolution of this detector ?

    Resolution of the circuit dependent on ADC used…