• ADL5903


    I have an issue with ADL5903 output voltage: there is a periodical drop in output signal with 10Hz frequency. 

    As i can see on the spectrum analyzer, there is no droppage in the output power on the main output of the scheme which is detected by the…

  • ADL5903 RMS -> Peak can be changed?

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    Part : ADL5903

    1. ADL5903 is RMS Detector.
    I am trying to use a peak detector in the ADL5903 using a peak diode.
    Any recommendations where this is possible?

    2. I have used the RMS Detector of the ADL series by…

  • ADL5903 Thermal data requirement.

    Kindly provide the thermal (JA, JB, JC) data for the part ADL5903SCPZN-R7. If you have PDML files also, you can share them. 
  • ADL5903 Aging


    We use this RMS power detection for L-band (1-2 GHz) level monitoring.

    We built a look up table (calibration) per unit. 

    Can Analog Devices supply aging data for ADL5902?

    Do we need to recalibrate power detector after some years?

    Each how many years?

  • RE: NIC pin connection of ADL5903

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: AD8363_rise/fall time improving

    Hi Josh,

    Sorry about delayed response.

    You could try less capacitance at CLPF pin, less than the 390pF recommended min value, which may work out OK if RF input frequency is held high, which means in this case lets say 3GHz or higher. If that doesn't work…

  • RE: 为什么检波器AD8362的S参数模型仿真结果和datasheet里相差那么多


  • RE: RF Log Detector

    You will need to pad down that power level to around 10 mW before applying it to a typical integrated RF Detector. If you are using a directional coupler to sniff some of the power, then the coupling factor of the coupler (usually 10-20 dB) will give…

  • 检波器


  • RE: RF detector for TV band

    I would recommend an RMS responding detector. Any of the Analog Devices rms responding detectors will cover this frequency and they will measure all of the RF power that they see in the band. If the total power range is only 15-20 dB, then a low range…