• FAQ: ADL5902 Part-to-Part Supply Current Variation


    The typical supply current on the ADL5902 is specifed as 73 mA and 90 mA at 25 degC and 125 degC respectively. What is the worst case value?


  • ADL5902 Vout Variation vs. Supply Voltage

    Question: Can you provide any information about the variation in output voltage of ADL5902 vs. the power supply voltage.

    Answer: The attached spreadsheet shows the variation in the output voltage vs. supply voltage  in terms of raw voltage change with…

  • FAQ: ADL5902 RMS Detector Output Voltage Clamping for High Input Power Levels


    At high input power levels (above 0 dBm), the output voltage of the ADL5902 rms detectors (and some other rms detectors also) loses linearity and clamps to the rail. What causes this and is there any way to prevent it?


  • FAQ: ADL5902 RMS Detector: Operation at Frequencies greater than 5.8 GHz


    The datasheet for the ADL5902 RMS detector shows only limited data above 5.8 GHz but the data sheet front page says it works up to 9 GHz. Can it really operate above 5.8 GHz?


  • RE: Software GUI for EVAL-ADL5902-ARDZ and EVAL-ADICUP3029

    Hi ADIApproved,

    Can I please get a copy of SW GUI for EVAL-ADL5902-ARDZ on EVAL-ADICUP3029, please.



  • Please provide a download link for the Software GUI for EVAL-ADL5902-ARDZ and EVAL-ADICUP3029 boards.

    Please provide a download link for the Software GUI for EVAL-ADL5902-ARDZ and EVAL-ADICUP3029 boards.

  • EVAL-ADL5902-ARDZ Development Files

    The wiki page at https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adl5902-ardz makes a reference to a .rar file:
    3. Download Dev Codes for Release.rar and unzip it.

    but the corresponding link seems to be broken currently.
    Could you please…
  • Software for EVAL-ADL5902-ARDZ


    Can you please send me the link to download this SW?



  • ADL5902 CN0178

    Hi all,

    In the BOM list @ the ADL5902 CN0178, GCM1555C1H101JZ13D is obsoleted.
    MURATA is recommend to replace to the new part number, GCM1555C1H101JA16D.

    What part number is the replace part @ the ADI new board ?

    Best regards,

  • ADL5902 and highpass frequency (Formula 11)

    To whom it may concern,

    I doubt that formula 11 in ADL5902 Rev. B datasheet is correct.

    For a typical circuit, like Figure 45, in my opinion the resistance determing the high pass frequency is the ADL5902 input resistance and not the global input resistance…