• ADL5902 CN0178

    Hi all,

    In the BOM list @ the ADL5902 CN0178, GCM1555C1H101JZ13D is obsoleted.
    MURATA is recommend to replace to the new part number, GCM1555C1H101JA16D.

    What part number is the replace part @ the ADI new board ?

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  • ADL5902 at low frequencies

    Hi -- I've got a planned application for the AD8363 that will need to use an external CHPF capacitor to extend operation down to a few hundred kHz.  The ADL5902 is another candidate for this part... but given that the CHPF pin is missing, how does…

  • ADL5902 VOUT information request

    I acquired an ADL5902 Evaluation Board for a prototype of RF Power Meter.
    The datasheet provided (ADL5902 Rev. B), shows graphics of OUTPUT VOLTAGE (V) vs. Pin (dBm) (Figure 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16). In SPECIFICATONS section, approximates this graphics…

  • ADL5902 ripple reduction ?

       I have noticed that the ADL5902 has some ripple in it's power detection voltage.   In some of the earlier RMS detector integrated circuits, ths was caused by the handoff between detector sections.

       The Earlier RMS detectors had an app note that described…

  • ADL5902 Vout calculation

    Hi ,

    I have doubt in calculating the Vout of ADL5902. I calculated Vout using this formulae (VOUT = VSLOPE × log10(RMS(RFIN)/VZ))

    Whereas Vslope=38.3mV, RMS(RFIN)= 223.607 mV(0dBm), Vz=0.8.


    For above assumption I expect output voltage  of 2.49V.but…

  • adl5902使用问题


  • ADL5902 with differential Antenna


    is it possible to use the ADL5902 Detector with a differential Antenna?

    How would the Circuit look like if the Impedance of the Antenna would be 50Ohms?

    I think i have to connect a Resistor between INHI and INLOW, am i right? What about the Series…

  • ADL5902 RF input impedance

    Is RF input impedance over frequency data available for the ADL5902?  This data could be with or without the recommended 60.4 ohm resistor at the input.  You've supplied this for the AD8363 and it's extremely valuable especially in the context of precision…

  • ADL5902 and highpass frequency (Formula 11)

    To whom it may concern,

    I doubt that formula 11 in ADL5902 Rev. B datasheet is correct.

    For a typical circuit, like Figure 45, in my opinion the resistance determing the high pass frequency is the ADL5902 input resistance and not the global input resistance…

  • 咨询检波器ADL5902


    +5VDC供电 测量模式 按照手册的推荐电路构建

    上电后  没有激励输入 那么Vrms输出该是多少 这个值如何理解