• ADL5802

    We would like to know regarding the evaluation board.

    We need to insert two RF signals differentially will it be possible.

    That is RF+ RF- to same mixer

  • RE: ADL5802 operation with 1MHz Single ended AC coupled output

    ADL5802 & ADRF6516 purchase qtys are in 1500 nos. which is not possible for R & D. Where we can purchase ADL5802 and ADRF6516 in Qty of 10 nos. as it is in R &D Phase.

  • ADL5802 datasheet

    The ADL5802 datasheet shows only the typical performance characteristics plots  with  an IF equal to 153MHz or 211MHz. Is the device capable of operation with an IF equal to 30MHz and is there any typical  performance data available?

  • Some Queries about ADL5802

    Hi, there

    i want to use ADL5802 for up/down conversion..

    i am having the following doubts regarding the ic

    1)since this IC has two independent mixers,can we use it in up conversion and down conversion mode simultaneously?

    2)could you please help…

  • Comment on FAQ: ADL5801 Mixer Performance when driven single-ended on both its RF and LO ports

    Was this data taken on the evaluation board?  I modified my ADL5802 EVALZ board to use singled ended RF input, but the layout is not very convenient for this modification.

  • ADL5350 ADL5802 upcovert performance ?

    Hi all,

    Out customer will select the upconvert mixer.

    ADL5350 and ADL5802 are included in the candidate device.

    The spec. and typical performance in the datasheet is downconvert measurement.

    Typical upconvert data is available ?

    Best regards,


  • RE: ADL5802 Eval Board

    Hi Amin,

    The eval board is matched from LF to 600MHz. If higher IF is needed, you may need to redesign the IF filtering network.


  • RE: ADL5802 downconversion to DC


    Is DC really required?

    If DC is not required, there are baluns (big ones) that can go down to kHz.  Bias chokes can also be used to provide the DC currents needed for the outputs.  Both of these have high frequency limits.

    If DC is required, then…

  • ADL5802: Strom am Ausgang?!

    Hallo zusammen,

    habe eine Frage bzgl. des ADL5802.

    Weiß jemand zufällig, wie viel Strom maximal am Ausgang (OP1+/- und OP2+/-) fließt?



  • FAQ: ADL5802 Low Frequency Operation


    The ADL5802 datasheet states that the device is capable of operation to  frequencies as low as 100 MHz, yet the Typical Performance  Characteristics plots only show data as low as 500 MHz. Is the device capable of operation at these low frequencies…