• FAQ: ADL5801 Low Frequency Operation


    The ADL5801 datasheet states that the device is capable of operation to frequencies as low as 10 MHz, yet the Typical Performance Characteristics plots only show data as low as 500 MHz. Is the device capable of operation at these low frequencies…

  • ADL5801 - LO amplifier and drive


    The LO power at any Mixer should be atleast 10 to 15 dBm higher than the input power.

    But in datasheet of the ADL5801, the nominal power for both LO and RFIN are both shown as 0 dBm. So is this right number? Will LO amplifier take care of the required…

  • ADL5801 If output Freq Range ?

       When I checked the ADL5801 data sheet, I see it shows the IF output as good up to 600 MHz.    The data Sheet also mentions that, with matchihg, the IF output can go to 3000 MHz.

       I want to use it with an output from 600 to 700 MHz.    Problem is, the data…

  • ADL5801 minimum input power


    Is there a minimum input power for the mixer ADL5801? I searched in the datasheet but I didn't find any related parameters. So does it mean that it is only limited by the noise floor of the input?



  • ADL5801 EVA board transformer


    I have a question for ADL5801 EVA board.

    It is stated T2, T3. But T2, T3 are non-Lead and 5pins on the board.

    In datasheet Table 6. T2, T3 isn't non-Lead and 5pins.

    I want to know type name of the transformer.


  • ADL5801 - LO amplifier specification


    In the datasheet it is mentioned that, ADL5801 can have LO drive from -10 to +10 dBm. What is the gain of the LO amplifier in the Mixer? Generally, it is required that the RF input to the Mixer to be atleast 10 to 15 dB lower than the LO power. So…

  • ADL5801 bias connection, operation, and current consumption.


    I have configured the AL5801 for broadband down conversion in a very similar manner to what is shown in Fig. 102 of the datasheet. VSET (pin10) is driven directly by DETO (pin 11) and no other bias is present on that pin (R10 and R9 in Fig. 102…

  • ADL5801 RF Side performance below 10MHz


    As far as I can tell the ADL5801 is one of the very few broadband mixers in the list what has both, the RF and LO inputs buffered internally. I am working on a design what requires downconverter to be able to accept as low as 1MHz on the RF side…

  • Questions about R7 and R10 of ADL5801


    I have a question about ADL5801.

    Figure 110 on page 38 of the ADL5801 data sheet shows R7 and R10.

    On page 29 of the data sheet, when ENBL = L and fixed bias, the value of R10 is determined according to Table 5, and R7 and R9 are instructed to…

  • ADL5801 or ADL5802 RF port common mode rejection


    is there some information available on the common mode rejection characteristics of the ADL5801 or ADL5802 RF input ports?

    With the V-to-I converter on this input, I suspect there can be some common mode rejection in the usable frequency band but…