• ADL5801 - RF input power


    We have ADL5801 Mixer on our board and we are able to successfully upconvert the RFin signal. Our RF input signal is generally of high power "0 to 5dBm". We have fed this signal into Mixer without any attenuation. Will there be any reliability concern…

  • Various questions/requests regarding the ADL5801

    Hello AD,

    I am planning to use the ADL5801 active mixer in a broadband application and have a request and a question.

    Request: Could you please post the S-Parameters for this device in the broadband raw configuration (with no RF or LO baluns) of Figure…

  • ADL5801 or ADL5802 RF port common mode rejection


    is there some information available on the common mode rejection characteristics of the ADL5801 or ADL5802 RF input ports?

    With the V-to-I converter on this input, I suspect there can be some common mode rejection in the usable frequency band but…

  • ADL5801 Vset input current

    Is there any spec available for the input current on the Vset pin (pin10) for the ADL5801.  This would be useful for knowing which value resistors to chose for biasing this pin.

  • ADL5801  evaluation board

    From the data sheet of MIXER [ADL5801], it is stated that T2, T3 of the evaluation board is using the Mini-Circuit transformer [TCM1-63AX +]. However, if you actually look at the evaluation board of [ADL5801] Obviously different transformers are used…

  • ADL5801 as upconverting mixer


    I'd like to use ADL5801 as upconverting mixer. I'd like to move RF frequency 100 MHz to range from 100 MHz to 6 GHz. How should I properly connect signals to ADL? I've got 100 MHz and PLL, that provides me required range.

  • ADRF6658 vs ADL5801


    In the frame of my project I am considering the use of different mixer to make the acquisition of a RF signal of 1.5GHz an down convert it to 10 or 20MHz.
    The RF input level is low around -60dBm.

    As far as I check the datasheet of the ADRF6658 and…

  • ADL5801 - IFoutput Transformer

    In the Eval board schematics of ADL5801, the IFout transformer's output and inputs are interchanged.

    ie., IFON and IFOP are interchanged. Does'nt it affect the system because it causes phase change at the output?

  • ADL5801 RF Input Matching


    I am using the ADL5801 as a UHF->IF converter. The chip's datasheet shows on fig.21 page 11 the RF port return loss. The first half of UHF band is poor since it begins at -5 down to -10 dB. There are no information concerning the S11 matching in…

  • Questions about R7 and R10 of ADL5801


    I have a question about ADL5801.

    Figure 110 on page 38 of the ADL5801 data sheet shows R7 and R10.

    On page 29 of the data sheet, when ENBL = L and fixed bias, the value of R10 is determined according to Table 5, and R7 and R9 are instructed to…