• ADL5801 Eval Layout

    Simple questions here:

    I have the ADL5801 Eval board and was wondering why there seems to be a copper + soldermask "keepout" zone around the SMA connector center pins. I assume this was intentional for impedance matching. Could you please share the design…

  • I want to simulate the circuit of ADL5801 using ADS. Who will provide me the zap file of ADL5801 ? Thank you very much !!

    I want to simulate the circuit of ADL5801 using ADS. Who will provide me the zap file of ADL5801 ? Thank you very much !!

  • ADF4351+ADL5801


    I'm working with the ADF4351+ADL5801 project, in which the ADF4351 provides a 1.7 GHz LO for the mixer ADL5801. I referred to the Circuit Note CN-0239 which is attached with the message. In this circuit note, the two bias inductors L2 and L3 on…

  • AD9957+ADL5801



  • AD9957+ADF4351+ADL5801

    Hi, everyone!

    I use AD9957+ADF4351+ADL5801 in an up-conversion application. The AD9957 generates a 50 MHz intermediate frequency signal which is sent to the RF port of the ADL5801; The ADF4351 provides a  1700 MHz LO, and the ADL5801 mixes the two signals…

  • ADL5801

    I want to use adl 5801 for my downconverter mixer...I want to give 5.8 GHz rf port and get 400 Mhz from IF port      and when I simulate s parameter of ADL 5801 and perfectly matching(Impedance tuner)  RF ports with using awr microwave office I get worst result…

  • ADL5801

    I'm looking to find s-parameters for this device.  I'm trying to use it at f RF~250MHz, f LO~70MHz.



  • ADL5801 PCB


    I'm drawing a PCB and I was wondering if there would be a suggested mounting configuration for this mixer (ADL5801).

    Because I couldn't find anything on the website.

    Could someone help me please?



  • RE: About a model of ADL5801 in ADS software

    In case you need to simulate x-parameters in general, you can use X2P or X1P(2 port or 1 port) blocks with terminations and sweep it using X_Param. If you are looking for a simulation block exclusively for ADL5801, it is not available in ADS.

  • ADL5801 Detector output


    I am trying to understand relationship between pin 11 DETO and pin 9 ENBL. I if understood correctly: when ENBL = '1' than detector is disabled and there is no output voltage on DETO.

    Can someone confirm,please?