• ADL5611 Inrush current ?

    I'm using ADL5611 powered by dropping resistor, the power is 8 Vdc and dropping resistor is 32 Ohm,  to obtain 5Vdc at pin 3 of  ADL5611 at 94mA of absorption. The ADL5611 device does not start well. To pin 3 (RF out) the voltage is 3.1 Vdc and the…

  • Can I power the ADL5611 with a switching dc dc converter to get the 5 VDC or should i go through a linear regulator as I normally do?


  • RE: Cascading ADL5611, power supply issues

    As you know, it's very hard to simulate the ADL5611 model but here is the screen shot of the dynamic voltage response (Yellow) and the current(Pink).

    The circuit schematic is

    The right side is to simulate the transient response from the ADL5611…

  • RE: BGA2709 similar part

    Nothing pin-compatible, there are alternatives in the industry standard SOT-89 package. Take a look at the ADL5545, HMC478ST89 or ADL5611.

  • EVAL-ADL5611 SMA Connector Genders


    I'm looking at the ADL5611 evaluation board for testing a gain block design, I'm having some difficulty finding the SMA connector details online - aside from the pysical ADL5611 datasheet and the gerber files included, both DigiKey and ADI don…

  • Query about Current Surge on ADL5611 During Power-up

    Hi, there

    I am using the ADL5611 Eval Bd. & we noticed a high initial surge current of 220mA being drawn upon power-up. Then it drops to steady current of 94mA. There is no mention of this surge current at all in the datasheet. We’re wondering whether…

  • RE: ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

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  • Powering the new RF/IF gain blocks

    Can all of the new RF/IF gain blocks (ADL5544, ADL5545, ADL5610, ADL5611) be powered using a 9V supply through a dropping resistor?

  • RE: 100MHz to 4000MHz LNA

    Having to go that low in frequency, maybe better off with a low noise gain block like the ADL5611 or 5610.  Higher NF mid-band, but better behaved at low frequency (2.6 dB at 140 MHz for the ADL5610).

  • How should "de-embedded" block amplifier S-parameters be used?

    Specifically on gain blocks like the ADL5602 or ADL5611,  the file names for the S-parameter files all include the word "de-embedded."  To what point of the part is the de-embedding done (is it chip level or package level), or does this just mean…