• RE: ADL8104 vs ADL5611

    Hi RFman@Arrow,

                                     That depends on the frequency. What frequency are you planning to operate at? IP2 is 20 dB greater than IP3.At 3GHz, ADL8104 IP2 is 52 dBm typical and ADL5611 IP2 is ~50 dBm typical. But at 1 GHz ADL5611 IP2 `60 dBm and ADL8104 is 52…

  • ADL5611 Inrush current ?

    I'm using ADL5611 powered by dropping resistor, the power is 8 Vdc and dropping resistor is 32 Ohm,  to obtain 5Vdc at pin 3 of  ADL5611 at 94mA of absorption. The ADL5611 device does not start well. To pin 3 (RF out) the voltage is 3.1 Vdc and the…

  • ADL5611 different S-parameters


    there is a difference in S-parameters listed in the datasheet for ADL5611 and in the attached S-parameters file (*.s2p)

    thei is a very big dfference in these S-parameters an the same frequency for instance on 6 GHz the data from the DS is  S11=…

  • ADL5611 S Parameters till 12GHz

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly provide the S-parameters file of ADL5611 from 10MHz till 12GHz. As I need the same for simulations. 

    Online available S-Parameters of ADL5611 in Analog Devices website is available till 6GHz only



  • Cascading ADL5611, power supply issues

    I want to cascade 3 RF gain stages using ADL5611. I power each ADL5611 directly from a laboratory power supply of 5V. Individually each IC draws a current of 85-90mA. But when I power up two of them together the current reaches 400 mA(170mA expected)…

  • ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

    I´ve buy the EVALZ for the ADL%&10 and 5611 amplifiers, and I´ve made my own PCB for testing the same amplifiers. At the same time I have the ADL5545-EVALZ and my own PCB. In the last cases with the ADL5545 I obtain similar results with the EVALZ and…

  • EVAL-ADL5611 SMA Connector Genders


    I'm looking at the ADL5611 evaluation board for testing a gain block design, I'm having some difficulty finding the SMA connector details online - aside from the pysical ADL5611 datasheet and the gerber files included, both DigiKey and ADI don…

  • Query about Current Surge on ADL5611 During Power-up

    Hi, there

    I am using the ADL5611 Eval Bd. & we noticed a high initial surge current of 220mA being drawn upon power-up. Then it drops to steady current of 94mA. There is no mention of this surge current at all in the datasheet. We’re wondering whether…

  • 关于ADL5611 增益放大的问题


    ADL5611 在测试的时候发现,输入30Mhz 100vpp的波形输入后,输出仍然处在vpos=5V的电平位置,没有对输入信号进行放大?电感已更换位1000uH仍然没有效果,请问是什么原因呢?

  • Can I power the ADL5611 with a switching dc dc converter to get the 5 VDC or should i go through a linear regulator as I normally do?