• RE: ADL5611 S Parameters till 12GHz

    Hi Aruna,

                         attached is the requested ADL5611 S-Parameter data. The reference plane is at the RF connectors. I removed the bias choke and blocking capacitors. I used an external bias tee to power the amplifier. 

    I could only upload the S-Parameters in Excel…

  • ADL5611 Inrush current ?

    I'm using ADL5611 powered by dropping resistor, the power is 8 Vdc and dropping resistor is 32 Ohm,  to obtain 5Vdc at pin 3 of  ADL5611 at 94mA of absorption. The ADL5611 device does not start well. To pin 3 (RF out) the voltage is 3.1 Vdc and the…

  • ADL5611 different S-parameters


    there is a difference in S-parameters listed in the datasheet for ADL5611 and in the attached S-parameters file (*.s2p)

    thei is a very big dfference in these S-parameters an the same frequency for instance on 6 GHz the data from the DS is  S11=…

  • Cascading ADL5611, power supply issues

    I want to cascade 3 RF gain stages using ADL5611. I power each ADL5611 directly from a laboratory power supply of 5V. Individually each IC draws a current of 85-90mA. But when I power up two of them together the current reaches 400 mA(170mA expected)…

  • ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

    I´ve buy the EVALZ for the ADL%&10 and 5611 amplifiers, and I´ve made my own PCB for testing the same amplifiers. At the same time I have the ADL5545-EVALZ and my own PCB. In the last cases with the ADL5545 I obtain similar results with the EVALZ and…

  • EVAL-ADL5611 SMA Connector Genders


    I'm looking at the ADL5611 evaluation board for testing a gain block design, I'm having some difficulty finding the SMA connector details online - aside from the pysical ADL5611 datasheet and the gerber files included, both DigiKey and ADI don…

  • Query about Current Surge on ADL5611 During Power-up

    Hi, there

    I am using the ADL5611 Eval Bd. & we noticed a high initial surge current of 220mA being drawn upon power-up. Then it drops to steady current of 94mA. There is no mention of this surge current at all in the datasheet. We’re wondering whether…

  • 关于ADL5611 增益放大的问题


    ADL5611 在测试的时候发现,输入30Mhz 100vpp的波形输入后,输出仍然处在vpos=5V的电平位置,没有对输入信号进行放大?电感已更换位1000uH仍然没有效果,请问是什么原因呢?

  • Can I power the ADL5611 with a switching dc dc converter to get the 5 VDC or should i go through a linear regulator as I normally do?


  • RE: SysParameters

    Hi Jim,

    The model for HMC1132 looks good and the data looks good when I run in a circuit.

    I have created an equivalent model for the ADL5611.  The ADL5611 does not correlate when I run it.  It looks like the model is extrapolating the last point in the…