• ADL5610


    The S-parameter file of ADL5610 on the website is the S-parameters of the evaluation board or the S-parameters of the amplifier chip?

  • ADL5610

    I'd like to know if ADL5610 and ADL5601 amplifier are unconditional stable in the basic connection for operating show in their data sheet.

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  • ADL5610 supply noise density

    I can't find in the datasheet what is the maximum noise density that you can have on the supply to achieve the datasheet performance.

    How can I find this information?  I don't want to use an ultra low noise LDO if not necessary.

    Does 150uV RMS…

  • RE: ADL5601

    please refer to the following link


  • Applicative input level of ADL5610


    I have a question abput input level of ADL5610. Accoding to the datasheet of ADL5610, absolute maximum rating of input power is 20dBm. But, I'd like to konw an applicative input level of 3GHz and 4GHz for meeting specifications.

    Could you…

  • ADL5610,ADL5320 Output Pin Maximum Ratings

    Hello.I have a questions,output pin maximum voltage of ADL5610 and ADL5320.

    In worst case , I can think full swing output voltage and return voltage from Antenna that not matching impedance.

    Now i thing using ADL5610 , ADL5320.But cant see output pin…

  • Powering the new RF/IF gain blocks

    Can all of the new RF/IF gain blocks (ADL5544, ADL5545, ADL5610, ADL5611) be powered using a 9V supply through a dropping resistor?

  • RE: ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: FMCOMMS3 driver for LTE and 802.11

    ok I understand.

    As a pre-amp, you can use the ADL5610.

    As far as PA goes, I am trying to find one for each of the output ranges you listed.

    Please stay tuned.


  • RE: 100MHz to 4000MHz LNA

    Having to go that low in frequency, maybe better off with a low noise gain block like the ADL5611 or 5610.  Higher NF mid-band, but better behaved at low frequency (2.6 dB at 140 MHz for the ADL5610).