• ADL5610


    The S-parameter file of ADL5610 on the website is the S-parameters of the evaluation board or the S-parameters of the amplifier chip?

  • ADL5610

    I'd like to know if ADL5610 and ADL5601 amplifier are unconditional stable in the basic connection for operating show in their data sheet.

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  • ADL5610 input


    I have connected output of balun to ADL5610 without ac coupled capacitor, in input of ADL5610 i am getting -15dBm power at 5 GHz

    But surprisingly in output i am getting -22dBm instead of 0dBm.

    What may be the issue?

    I have checked bias at output and…

  • ADL5610 supply noise density

    I can't find in the datasheet what is the maximum noise density that you can have on the supply to achieve the datasheet performance.

    How can I find this information?  I don't want to use an ultra low noise LDO if not necessary.

    Does 150uV RMS…

  • ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

    I´ve buy the EVALZ for the ADL%&10 and 5611 amplifiers, and I´ve made my own PCB for testing the same amplifiers. At the same time I have the ADL5545-EVALZ and my own PCB. In the last cases with the ADL5545 I obtain similar results with the EVALZ and…

  • Applicative input level of ADL5610


    I have a question abput input level of ADL5610. Accoding to the datasheet of ADL5610, absolute maximum rating of input power is 20dBm. But, I'd like to konw an applicative input level of 3GHz and 4GHz for meeting specifications.

    Could you…

  • ADL5610,ADL5320 Output Pin Maximum Ratings

    Hello.I have a questions,output pin maximum voltage of ADL5610 and ADL5320.

    In worst case , I can think full swing output voltage and return voltage from Antenna that not matching impedance.

    Now i thing using ADL5610 , ADL5320.But cant see output pin…

  • FAQ: S-Parameter for ADL5610 across Temperature

    Q: Can you provide S-Parameters for ADL5610 across Temperature?

    A: Here are the plots of the S-Parameter for ADL5610 across Temperature?


  • Question about EVAL-ADF4351 and EVAL-ADL5610


    I have two questions about these two evaluation boards. Please take a look at attachement.

    1): What is the each distance between L1 and L2(=a), L2 and L3(=b), and L3 and L4(=c)?

    2): What is the each PCB material?



  • ADL5610/1 v.s. ADL5544/5 not need to limit the supply current?

    Hi all,

    Following is datasheet comment,

    "The only external components required are the input/output ac coupling capacitors, power supply decoupling capacitors, and dc bias inductor."

    The general gain block amps need to dc bias inductor and…