• GAIN of ADL5606

    In datasheets says that the ADL5606 has GAIN=24.3dB on frequency 2140MHz , but in the table  S-parameters on the frequency 2150 MHz S21= 16.9 dB, why so difference? S21 does not mean GAIN?

  • ADL5606 matching network

    Hi everone, 

    can anyone help me to figure out what are the specifications of the microstrip lines using as inductors for matching network?



  • ADL5606 - Disable and TDD Power Droop

    2 questions please:

    1) The power down suggests enable is 0V typical - this is not 3V3 logic compatible and suggests a hard pull-down needed to enable?

    2) Test have observed a TDD power droop effect and wanted to know if this has been observed by Analogue…

  • ADL5606 matching network for 2400-2485mhz


    What is the ideal matching network for 2400-2485 mhz band. I want to use 0.8mm/FR4 material.

    Thank you!

  • 关于ADL5606匹配的疑惑

    1、文档给出了1960  2140 2630 3个频率点的匹配电路,包括传输线的长度和匹配电容的容量。 但我根据 TYPICAL SCATTERING PARAMETERS 里面给出的S11 数据 用simth圆图 进行推算后 ,得出的匹配电路与文章给出的3个频率点的匹配电路都不一致。请教这是为何?

    2、文档给出的开发板用的是线宽25mil的传输线 板材是IS410 厚度是20mil ,这样我算下来传输阻抗不是50欧姆,文档说是50。请教这是为何?

  • What's the gain compression curve for ADL5606? Thanks


    What's the gain compression curve for ADL5606?



  • 使用ADL5606驱动天线,频段为2.4GHz~2.5GHz,面临如下问题。

    手册中表示ADL5606的工作频段应当是1800MHz to2700MHz,可是手册中对芯片的规格、典型性能指标、电路板布局、元器件参数的说明只局限于1960MHz、2140MHz、2630MHz这3个频段。


  • ADL5604/5606 Operating Current Specs

    Looking for the current specs on the ADL5604 and ADL5606 when in use. Could only find the quiescent current on the datasheet.

  • RE: Preamplifier Before CN0417(Rev C)


    I have some questions about your setup:

    • I noticed you have some EVM results. Does this mean the setup you had was working properly until the ADL5606 burned like you mentioned?
    • Does the ADL5606 get burned right away? Or does it happen after some…
  • Optional add-on boards about AD-FMCOMMs1


        For my application with ad-fmcomms1,  the transmit power and receive gain are not big enough.  When I think of ways to improve the situation, I found the content within the following URL: