• ADL5605 turn on/off timing with DISABLE pin AND VCC/VBIAS pin

    Hello, i can turn on/off the device driving not only DISABLE pin(low/high) but also VCC and VBIAS pins(high/low)?

    Same power up/down time than using single DISABLE pin?

  • RE: ADL5605 board layout and NC pins

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  • 最近使用ADL5605做毕业设计,设计一个频率915Mhz,1W的功放。芯片是从ADI官网申请的。按照技术手册搭建好电路,上电静态电流有260ma左右,我也做好散热处理啦,用网分测S参数,测着一下芯片输出对地短路烧了。现在真的很慌啊,准备要交毕业作品答辩啦,希望ADI的技术大牛帮我看看是什么问题。原理图和PCB贴在下面。

  • RE: help:Adl5605 output port short to grond

    Hi Snow8321,

                           Can you share layout details of your board? How many layers, number of vias in the ground paddle under the ADL5605?

  • 5V power from your AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please refer to my following picture circle in orange.

    Where should we bring the power 5V/500mA from?

    I could not find the 5Vpin on your AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ.

    Our customer is studying to put external amp ADL5605 and ADL5623.

    Thanks Ka…

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  • Optional add-on boards about AD-FMCOMMs1


        For my application with ad-fmcomms1,  the transmit power and receive gain are not big enough.  When I think of ways to improve the situation, I found the content within the following URL:


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    • 障碍物检测/映射
    • 空对地/空对空通信
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  • RE: RF Amplifer for Keysight Genesys

    The attached list details all of the ADI RF Amplifier Sys-Parameter models that are available in the 2015.08 release of Keysight Genesys.  This library will be updated over time.


    PartNumber RealPartNumber Description