• RE: wide band hight gain amplifier

    This will be tricky with the gain blocks such as the ADL5602. A couple of thoughts and suggestions if you choose to try this route. The 1-dB compression point for the ADL5602 is 19.3dBm at 2GHz. You will need to make sure that the cascaded signal is below…

  • SPICE Model of 5602


    I have been designing oscillator. On feed back loop, I use ADL 5602 as an amplifier. For simulating DC bias effect and saturation, I need SPICE model of ADL5602. How can I construt or find it?

  • RE: Could AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ be modified to receive/transmit up to 6 GHz?

    Unfortunately, there isn't a drop in replacement for the ADL5602 that would be functional upto 6GHz. The ADL5542 is a comparable gain block that has a max operational frequency of 6GHz, but the device is packaged in a 8-lead LFCSP.

  • RE: Load Impedance ADL5565

    Hi Makkes,

    I would suggest you try using a single ended amp. The ADL5601 or ADL5602 might be a good choice for the amp. For Baluns checkout Anaren or Johanson.



  • RE: 2.4GHz amplifier driving antenna

    The ADL5530 has an upper frequency limit of 1000MHz so it's not suitable for the application described above. Take a look at ADL5602, HMC475 or HMC636, which are internally matched gain blocks. Lots of options depending on what the system requirements…

  • RE: AD9650 Evaluation Board ECB pattern data

    Hi TonyM-san,

    Thank you for quick reply.

    I will notify to my customer.

    I have two customers in one company.

    One group is designing RF receiver board by using AD9650-80 ADC and ADL5602, ADL5601, and FPGA.

    Another group is designing portable Spectrum…

  • What is residual noise (vs noise figure) and flicker of RF/IF Gain blocks

    Hi all,

    The question is related to noise figure of RF/IF gain amplifiers, and can be formulated in different variants.

    1.a What was the signal level used to measure the noise figure of ADL5536 or ADL5602?

    1.b If I provide a 0dBm signal with a noise…

  • How should "de-embedded" block amplifier S-parameters be used?

    Specifically on gain blocks like the ADL5602 or ADL5611,  the file names for the S-parameter files all include the word "de-embedded."  To what point of the part is the de-embedding done (is it chip level or package level), or does this just mean…

  • RE: HMC788ALP2E - DC feed question

    Yes, the conical inductor is suggested for broadband operation. If the amplifier will only operate over a narrower frequency band, you can use a a smaller inductor most suitable for the application. A general rule of thumb for 50-ohm systems is that inductor…

  • RE: Recommendation for interfacing an antenna with the AD8314 Eval board

    I think that you could try a simple connection since both devices (antenna and eval boar) have an SMA type connector. The AD8314 eval board is configured with a fairly good broadband 50 ohm match. If sensitivity is an issue (AD8314's input range is around…