• ADL5602

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to use ADL6501 to achieve maximum gain. In order to get the mentioned gain in the datasheet at my frequency band of interest (1520 - 1820 MHz), the input impedance of amplifier should be matched to 50 ohms which is my system characteristic…

  • RE: Need AWR large signal model for ADL5602 InGaP HBT Transistor


    Unfortunately we do not have AWR models for ADL5602. Note that, ADL5602 is not a transistor but an amplifier.

    ADIRFSim has ADL5602 model, can be downloaded via the following link.

    ADIsimRF Request for Software | Design Center | Analog Devices

  • i made a adl5602 based amplifier. when done testing using spectrum analyzer. i am getting large drop at higher frequency. the gain is not as shown in datasheet. Why?

    i made a adl5602 based amplifier. when done testing using spectrum analyzer. i am getting large drop at higher frequency. the gain is not  as shown in datasheet. Why?

  • FAQ: Is it Possible to reduce the gain of the ADL5602?


    Is it possible to reduce the gain of the ADL5602?



    Yes. The gain of the ADL5602 is approximately 20 dB. The gain can be reduced by adding a feedback…

  • RE: RF Driver Amplifier (ADL5320) will it operate below 400MHz?

    Hi Rev.,

                  Internal circuitry prevents the ADL5320 from operating below 400 MHz.

      I suggest looking at the ADL5601, ADL5602, ADL5535 and ADL5536. the ADL5601 and ADL5535 are 15 dB gain blocks and will operate at 145 MHz. THe ADL5602 and ADL5536 are similar…

  • ADL5601/2: Replacing Wirewound inductors with multilayer chip inductors

    Q. The ADL5602 datasheet recommends using a 470nH Coilcraft 0603LS-NX wirewound inductor for DC bias. Is it possible to achieve comparable performance with a Multilayer chip inductor, which tends to be cheaper than a wirewound inductor?


  • RE: wide band hight gain amplifier

    This will be tricky with the gain blocks such as the ADL5602. A couple of thoughts and suggestions if you choose to try this route. The 1-dB compression point for the ADL5602 is 19.3dBm at 2GHz. You will need to make sure that the cascaded signal is below…

  • RE: Could AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ be modified to receive/transmit up to 6 GHz?

    Unfortunately, there isn't a drop in replacement for the ADL5602 that would be functional upto 6GHz. The ADL5542 is a comparable gain block that has a max operational frequency of 6GHz, but the device is packaged in a 8-lead LFCSP.

  • RE: Load Impedance ADL5565

    Hi Makkes,

    I would suggest you try using a single ended amp. The ADL5601 or ADL5602 might be a good choice for the amp. For Baluns checkout Anaren or Johanson.



  • SPICE Model of 5602


    I have been designing oscillator. On feed back loop, I use ADL 5602 as an amplifier. For simulating DC bias effect and saturation, I need SPICE model of ADL5602. How can I construt or find it?