• ADL5567 S-parameters

    Where can I find the s-parameters for the ADL5567?

    They are not on the product page.



  • ADL5567 match with AD9144

    Hi I would like to understand how should I better match ADL5567 with DAC AD9144 as the source. I would like to achieve impedance matching and still keep DAC compliance voltage within specified limits. BTW, what is the maximum compliance diff peak-to-peak…

  • ADL5565 and ADL5567 output impedance


    Our customer is using the following devices, can you please review these questions, I wasn't able to find it on the datasheet.

    We are using both the ADL5565 and ADL5567.  Both of these parts have enable pins.

    Specifically, for each part:


  • ADL5567 VCOM circuit

    I'm attempting to use the ADL5567 in a DC-coupled application.  I'm attempting to drive the Vcom port with a particular common mode voltage using a standard resistor divider similar to what is shown in the example circuit in figure 51.  However…

  • ADL5567 input bias current

    What is the input bias current for ADL5567?

  • ADL5567需要使用负电压,有没有负电压的参考设计啊


  • RE: RF amplifier which accept DC-3GHz input

    Take a look at ADL5565, ADL5567 and ADL5569

  • RE: Noise Figure ADL5566 up to 2 GHz


    It was used from a distortion point of view- 1GHz.  The adl5567 is done up to 2GHZ and is a better amplifier.  They are pin compatible.SO might be worth looking into 5567.

     The adl5567 has 20db gain vs 16db for the adl5566.  Please compare the data sheets…

  • RE: ADL5566: If second half is unused

    Hi Eduard,

    Actually, the adl5566 has ESD diodes across Vcc so you will need to  maintain voltage on the unused channel and put the part in disable. (this will burn an extra 8 ma). 

    Also, it would be best to ac couple the input to gnd of the unused side,…

  • RE: Input configuration in AD6655 Evaluation Board


    I would look into using one of our ADI Driver amps that can provide some additional gain while providing the output bandwidth required to maintain 400 MHz.   I attached links to two candidates as well as an application note.

    Since the AD6655 does…