• ADL5567 configuration


    I would like to use a FDA for finding the difference between 2 signals (fast pulses).

    I consider using the ADL5567. I would like to have a gain of 10.

    In your application note there are serial resistors to the balun. How come? This attenuates the signal…

  • ADL5567 S-parameters

    Where can I find the s-parameters for the ADL5567?

    They are not on the product page.



  • ADL5567 match with AD9144

    Hi I would like to understand how should I better match ADL5567 with DAC AD9144 as the source. I would like to achieve impedance matching and still keep DAC compliance voltage within specified limits. BTW, what is the maximum compliance diff peak-to-peak…

  • ADL5565 and ADL5567 output impedance


    Our customer is using the following devices, can you please review these questions, I wasn't able to find it on the datasheet.

    We are using both the ADL5565 and ADL5567.  Both of these parts have enable pins.

    Specifically, for each part:


  • ADL5567 VCOM circuit

    I'm attempting to use the ADL5567 in a DC-coupled application.  I'm attempting to drive the Vcom port with a particular common mode voltage using a standard resistor divider similar to what is shown in the example circuit in figure 51.  However…

  • ADL5567 input bias current

    What is the input bias current for ADL5567?

  • ADL5567需要使用负电压,有没有负电压的参考设计啊


  • ADL5567_OP1dB

    Dear team,

    Could I know the OP1dB at the follwing frequency?

    Part Number : ADL5567

    - 1 GHz

    - 1.5GHz

    I am looking forward to your advice.

    Thank you.

    Best & Regards,


  • RE: RF amplifier which accept DC-3GHz input

    Take a look at ADL5565, ADL5567 and ADL5569

  • RE: Noise Figure ADL5566 up to 2 GHz


    It was used from a distortion point of view- 1GHz.  The adl5567 is done up to 2GHZ and is a better amplifier.  They are pin compatible.SO might be worth looking into 5567.

     The adl5567 has 20db gain vs 16db for the adl5566.  Please compare the data sheets…