• ADL5566 and ADRF6520

    Is there an optimum matching circuit to interface the ADL5566 output to the input of the ADRF6520.

    We would like to maintain the low noise figure and high gain of the ADL5566.


  • ADL5566 to ADRF6780 interface

    Dear Sir!

    I need a dual differential buffer to raise the power of the dual DAC into the BB inputs of the ADRF6780. I identified ADL5566 as potential option.

    Unfortunately the ADRF6780 recommended input termination is 100ohm differential and ADL5566 recommended…

  • loading of ADL5566 Voc pins


    We are using the ADL5566 to drive the two inputs to the ADS5407, but the resulting common mode is 2.3V rather than 1.9V. How much current can the Voc input pins of the ADL5566 draw? The Vcc pins are at 5V. Thanks and Best Regards,

    -Tim Starr…

  • ADL5566 : about the NC pins


    The following description is given for the NC pins on the ADL5566 differential amplifier :

    "No Connect. Do not connect to this pin. Solder to ground."

    Now if you look at the application information and also at the evaluation board…

  • ADL5566: If second half is unused


    I'm pretty sure, but...

    Is it possible to shut down halfs of ADL5566 idependently to each other, pulling down the corresponding ENBL?

    Is it nessesary to supply a power to unused VCC? And what about rest pins? Inputs, outputs and VCOM?


  • Noise Figure ADL5566 up to 2 GHz


    In the datasheet the noise figure is given up to 1 GHz. We are considering to use the amplifier up to 2 GHz and were wondering what the noise figure at 2 GHz is.


  • Suitable Driver for AD9681 ADC, ADL5566 or AD8351 or else?

    Dear engineers!

    I am looking for a suitable driver for the AD9681 8-channel 14bit ADC. Currently we are working with the ADL5566 and an ADC of a different vendor. We would like to replace our current ADC with the AD9681 due to its lower power consumption…

  • 关于运放的输入共模电压问题



  • RE: Problem about the differential outputs of ADRF6510

    The common-mode output voltage of the ADL5380 may not be compatible with the input common mode range of the ADRF6510. One component that does work is the ADL5566. Look at the ADL5566 datasheet on page #19 showing the connection.

  • RE: ADL5567 input bias current

    Hi Darrell,

    Thanks for your quick reply!  I'm currently using the ADL5566 as a pre-driver for an ADC (i.e. ADC12D1600).  The op amp is used in single-ended input mode.  The VIN input has only a 28ohm pull-down.  The VIP input is connected to a 50ohm signal…