• ADL5565

    Do you have any data or simulations for the noise figure of the ADL5565 at or out past 2 GHz? There is a plot on the datasheet that goes up to 1 GHz, but we are planning to use this to >2 GHz. Thanks.
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  • ADL5565


    I would like to use the evaluation board ADL5565 for differential input and differential output. In the overview told me that I should remove the T1 and T2 balun but in the datasheet I can't find any information about it. Is right the information…

  • ADL5565


    Can i have the reverse isolation data when the chip is on disabled or power down mode of ADL5565?

    If possible, I need the reverse isolation for all the 3 different gain settings during both Enabled and Disabled conditions.




  • Non linearety ADL5565


    In my circuit i have an ADL5565 powerd by +/- 2.5Volt( see picture below) DC coupled .

    When i apply a differential ramp voltage to the input( Pin 2: -0.5V...0.5V and Pin 3: 0.5V...-0.5V) i see a huge nonlinearety of +/- 75ppm.

    I becomes smaller…

  • ADL5565 with dual supplies

    Can I run the ADL5565 with +/-2.5V supplies?  I'm concerned that the ground paddle, when connected to the -2.5V supply, might not have the best high frequency characteristics. 

    If it works OK electrically, I would use thermal filled vias under the…

  • ADL5565 FPBW specifications


    In the ADL5565 amplifier at 6750 MHz (gain 6 dB) can I have output voltage 1 Vpp (single ended)?

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  • ADL5565 gain formula

    Hello ADI,

    The DC-coupled differential input and output of ADL5565.  Make any changes source load resistance to the gain formula? Is the Rg = (Rg + Rs/2)? Rs is source differential resistance.

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  • ADL5565 single output


    I would like to use the ADL5565 as a differential amplifier having differential input and single output at 5 GHz.

    Is it possible to do this?

    In this case what is the gain of the circuit?

    thank you

  • ADL5565 EVM Reconfiguration


    I purchased an ADL5565 EVM. In my application, however, I would like to have two inputs (both differential referenced to ground) and a single ended output. What modifications do I need to make to the evaluation board in order to use this board…

  • Load Impedance ADL5565


    is it right that not only the gain but also the linearity of the ADL5565 gets bader if the load is only 100Ω ? I want to use this amplifier at 2.3GHz and I would like to know if I you recommend match the impedance from my ADC to 200Ω or if I could…