• ADL5565

    Do you have any data or simulations for the noise figure of the ADL5565 at or out past 2 GHz? There is a plot on the datasheet that goes up to 1 GHz, but we are planning to use this to >2 GHz. Thanks.
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  • ADL5565


    Can i have the reverse isolation data when the chip is on disabled or power down mode of ADL5565?

    If possible, I need the reverse isolation for all the 3 different gain settings during both Enabled and Disabled conditions.




  • ADL5565


    I would like to use the evaluation board ADL5565 for differential input and differential output. In the overview told me that I should remove the T1 and T2 balun but in the datasheet I can't find any information about it. Is right the information…

  • RE: ADL5565 gain formula

    Hello Eugeny,

                           Rg is the gain setting resistor. See Figure 1 in the ADl5565 datasheet. The values of Rg are listed in table 7 on page 18 of the ADL5565 datasheet. The input impedanceof the ADL5565 is as follows: 6 dB gain setting,  200 ohms differential…

  • RE: DC coupling to AD9467

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for the late response. I have done some experiments with running the ADL5565 at 4.2V and DC coupling it with AD9467-250. I also have done some step response experiments.

    Shown below is the setup I used.

    I am not sure of the SPICE…

  • EVAL-ADL5565 SMA coaxial connectors

    My customer is considering to buy EVAL-ADL5565.
    J2 and J4 which aren't mounted on EVAL-ADL5565 are prepared.
    To check the differential operation, they're planning to mount J2 and J4.
    Please tell me the form number of the SMA coaxial connector.

  • RE: ADC for HMC760


    Pre-Amp 2 is ADL5565 at gain 6dB.

  • RE: Paralleling ADL5565, is possible?

    Upon further investigation I've determined it isn't feasible to parallel the outputs of the ADL5565.

  • RE: ADL5565 FPBW specifications

    At 6750 MHz you can't get 1 Vpp differential from the ADL5565.

  • ADL5565 IQ inputs to IQ+- outputs

    Dear Analog Engineer,

    We are currently working on a wireless communication project, interested in the differential amplifier ADL5565 and the evaluation board for it, ADL5565-EVALZ.

    Our purpose is to generate four differential IQ outputs, I+, I-, Q+…