• RE: AD9467 rms noise

    I used the ADL5562 option, using the configuration of figure 36 as I have attached in the circuit2 file. For doing this test, I connected AMPOUT+, AMPOUT- to AIN+,AIN-. I alsoremoved R119 and R120 in order to isolate the AIN input stage to the ADC. (see…

  • Active differential filter for ADC AD9467

    Hello technical support!

    I want to make low-pass filter with the following parameters:

    Gain: 0 dB

    Passband: -3dB at 30MHz

    Stopband: -45dB at 170MHz

    With the help of the program Analog Filter Wizard I have received the Low-Pass Filter , 4th order…

  • RE: 有奖“示爱”行动——谈谈那些让你爱爱爱爱不完的电路


    AD9265的完美配合使项目数字信号处理达到事半功倍的效果,给个完美的赞  。哈哈哈

  • AD9269 EVB

    We are surveying an ADC EVB with 40MSPS sample rate, 16bit resolution. and it has op-amp input path without balun.

    We have checked the AD9269 EVB schematic, it has ADL5562 differential op-amp input path. We have a question, will this parts ADL5562 be…

  • Which ADC driver is better to use with 0.9V ADC input common mode voltage and analog inputs matched to 50Ohm. OP1db finding.

    Hello, I will use AD9653 (16 bit) to digitize 68Mhz carrier with 12.5Mhz Bandwidth. Which ADC driver is better to use with 0.9V ADC input common mode voltage and analog inputs matched to 50Ohm. I find ADA4930, but it's designed for "...driving 1.8 V high…

  • RE: AD9255 evaluation board output jumps (or missing codes?)


    Interesting problem.  I am wondering if the problem may be due to incompatible common-mode output voltage of the ADL5562 and the AD9255 when dc coupling.  Looking at the AD9255 EVB schematic, the ADL5562 VCOM pin is left open such that its nominal…

  • RE: Limitations of using AD8352 amplifier with AD9434 ADC?

    Hello Benjamin,

    I apologize for the delay in response to your original question. The AD8352 is said to have a limit of 380 MHz mainly because that is the frequency in which the harmonic distortion performance begins to degrade. I've attached a spreadsheet…

  • RE: DC coupling to AD9467


    Umesh is the application engineer who supports the AD9467 and I am the application engineer who supports the ADL5562.  What attracted you to selecting the ADL5562?  Is it the performance, freq, or did you see it on an evaluation board and thought…

  • RE: Which is right for me?

    Hi David,

    The ADL5562 is actually a low distortion RF differential amplifier which can be used in differential ADC drivers. Did you mean to recommend this part or were you looking at an RMS detector with a similar part number?

    Best Regards,