• VCOM on ADL5562


    I have designed a board with 16 ADL5562. I need to set the VCOM of all these diff.amp. at 1V. So I used a single LP3879-1.0 (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lp3879.pdf)  to directly feed all the ADL5562 VCOMs. But unfortunately the voltage delivered…

  • RE: Using ADL5391 to cancel antenna-to-antenna coupling in phased-array radar

    Hello Michael,

    I am trying to understand your application a little better so correct me if my understanding is incorrect.  You will be taking the output of the  AD8340 which has been amplitude and phase modified to generate the self-blocker-canceling signal…

  • RE: ADL5562ACPZ-WP: performance down to 1MHz

    Hello Gavin,

    Yes, the ADL5562 is operational and maintains performance down to the lower frequencies.  The datasheet shows data starting at 10 MHz, as you had pointed out, but that is not the minimum operational frequency.   Figure 39 of the datasheet shows…

  • ADL5562 low frequency performance

    Good day

    We are planning to use the ADL5562 as part of an ADC driving circuit.

    I have the following two questions
    - The datasheet specifies performance down to 10 MHz. Does the ADL5562 maintain performance down to 9 kHz.
    - The datasheet specifies performance…

  • RE: DC coupling to AD9467


    Umesh is the application engineer who supports the AD9467 and I am the application engineer who supports the ADL5562.  What attracted you to selecting the ADL5562?  Is it the performance, freq, or did you see it on an evaluation board and thought…

  • What is optimum load impedance of ADL5562 ?

    We are using ADL5562 in our design as driver for AD9467.

    I have downloaded S-parameter of ADL5562 and I have simulate in ADS using input termination as 40.2 ohm on each input.

    As per datasheet of ADL5562 gain is 15 dB when load RL = 200 ohm but I can…

  • RE: ADL5562 Eval Board - can it adapt to Differential Input?

    The ADL5562 evaluation board does not offer the option of converting to differential input and output.

  • AD9269 EVB

    We are surveying an ADC EVB with 40MSPS sample rate, 16bit resolution. and it has op-amp input path without balun.

    We have checked the AD9269 EVB schematic, it has ADL5562 differential op-amp input path. We have a question, will this parts ADL5562 be…

  • 最爱放大器之ADL5562

    最爱放大器之ADL5562 by feier



    1. 所需信号的最高频率;2. 采样率;3. ADC的分辨率


    系统的主要输入信号中心频率为120 MHz, 所需带宽为17MHz。

    根据输入信号参系统的采样结果和动态性能, 采用三阶巴特沃斯滤波器和低噪声超宽带宽差分放大器ADL5565…