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  • ADL5545

    I have an existing PCB that uses an ADL5536 (20dB gain at 500MHz). I need a pin-compatible part that provides at least 3dB more gain, 6dB would be ideal. The ADL5545 says it has 24dB gain, and do the plots in the datasheet. However, the S-parameter chart…

  • ADL5545 datasheet and .s2p file

    Hi all,

    I am going to use ADL5545 to amplify a signal around 80MHz. 

    there are 3 locations that can find gain/return loss parameters, table 2 on page 5, picture 36/37 on page 16 and the .s2p file. 

    but they are different:

    parameter table 2 on page …
  • ADL5545 gain

    Hello,  I realize that the ADL5545 is spec'ed to 6 GHz but do you have any performance numbers to 7 GHz? 

    Thank you.

  • RE: Query about ADL5545 and ADL5521' Gerber Files

    Hi Wayne,

                      The board material is IS410. The thickness for the ADL5521 is 11.66 mils. The thickness for the ADL5545 is 13 mils.

  • RE: BGA2709 similar part

    Nothing pin-compatible, there are alternatives in the industry standard SOT-89 package. Take a look at the ADL5545, HMC478ST89 or ADL5611.

  • RE: ADL5545 & Keysight ADS

    Hi EdoPellic,

    For circuit simulation, use the standard block and the .s2p file.

     The brd file can be imported into momentum and used for board simulation.

    I would suggest you contact your ADS tech support representative for guidance on how to do this.

  • RE: ADL5545 Bill of Material

    Thank you for reply.



  • Powering the new RF/IF gain blocks

    Can all of the new RF/IF gain blocks (ADL5544, ADL5545, ADL5610, ADL5611) be powered using a 9V supply through a dropping resistor?

  • ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

    I´ve buy the EVALZ for the ADL%&10 and 5611 amplifiers, and I´ve made my own PCB for testing the same amplifiers. At the same time I have the ADL5545-EVALZ and my own PCB. In the last cases with the ADL5545 I obtain similar results with the EVALZ and…