• RE: ADL5542 - IP3 degradation

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  • ADL5542自激振荡






  • Testing of Power Amplifier ADL5542 PCB

    I have designed a ADL5542 (Power Amplifier) PCB as per the specifications in the datasheet. I want to test the performance and ensure that the PCB works fine before I link them up with other PCBs. So, can someone guide me as to what tests/equipment I…

  • Power Amplifier decoupling capacitor

    I am using the ADL5542, RF Power Amplifier. The datasheet mentions the use of 1uF decoupling capacitor at the power supply. Does the value have to be exactly 1uF or something close to it would also suffice? An explanation as to what this capacitor does…

  • PCB Design - Eagle Libraries

    I want to design a PCB which uses AD8318 and ADL5542. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the Eagle libraries for these ICs. Does anyone have these libraries?


  • RE: 频率转换功能IC



  • RE: Could AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ be modified to receive/transmit up to 6 GHz?

    Unfortunately, there isn't a drop in replacement for the ADL5602 that would be functional upto 6GHz. The ADL5542 is a comparable gain block that has a max operational frequency of 6GHz, but the device is packaged in a 8-lead LFCSP.

  • RE: ADF4350 in local oscillator application

    Hi Rich,

    1. The modulus is related to the channel spacing or frequency steps. Gory details on how to calculate are in the ADF4153 etc. fractional N data sheets.

    So as you step through channels you step through N, N+1, N+2 etc divided by the modulus…

  • 12/16/2015: Full RF Signal Chains from 0Hz to 110GHz

    Presenter: Mel Conway, Product Manager, Instrumentation, High-speed & RF and Precision


    This webcast will explain ADI's new and expanded RF capabilities since the acquisition Hittite Microwave. We will give examples of the wider frequency spectrum…