• Issue in ADL5536


    We have ADL5536 evaluation board, and as per datasheet , there is a flat gain over the band of DC -1  GHz, but at our required frequency 466.8 MHz , gain is 13 dB instead of 18 dB, please provide suggestion. 

  • ADL5536的问题




  • OIP2 for ADL5536 and ADL5602

    Can you provide OIP2 data for ADL5536 and ADL5602?

  • ADL5536 amplifies bipolar signals?

    I mean, if I have a bipolar signal, ADL5536 will work on both cycles or it will work only in positive? What happens if it works in negative voltage?

    Thank you.

  • ADL5536 gain block oscillations

    Hi, I need have implemented a test board with two ADL5536 gain blocks to achieve a signal gain of 40dB. Each individual amp works well, however when I link the two the board becomes unstable and oscillates at about 800MHz.

    I have used 100nF input/output…

  • IP2 for ADL5536 and ADL5320


    In considering these parts for a design, while they have specified (and very good) IP3 specs, the application requires understanding IP2 as well.

    Can you please share IP2 data? It's not spec'd in the datasheets.


  • ADL5536使用问题

    ADL5536 增益模块在使用过程中很烫,这是什么原因呢?我是按照datasheet给的电路绘制的,VCC给的是+5V

  • Query about ADL5536 Power-on Timing

    Dear Supporter,

         When ADL5536 power on ,we need to wait 100~200us to transmit data. If we don’t wait 200us , we receive incorrect amplitude signal level at RX.

    Is this test result correct?

    Could you please help provide the power on timing if possible…

  • Is there any model available for ADL5536 for simulation?

    I required model file of ADL5536 for simulation.If any one has pspice or any kind of file of ADL5536 for simulation,please share it.

  • Query about stability factor for ADL5536 over the frequency range of 20-1000MHz

    Hello Supporters,

    We are planning to use the amplifier ADL5536, for the frequency range of 20-1000MHz, as LNA for wide-band receiver. For finalizing the part we need the stability factor for the same over the frequency range of 20-1000MHz or any information…