• RE: Is there any model available for ADL5536 for simulation?

    ADL5536 is modeled in ADIsimRF (www.analog.com/adisimrf). You can use this to simulate noise, gain and distortion. Also on the ADL5536 product page (www.analog.com/ADL5536), you can download the s-parameter file which model gain and return loss.

  • RE: RF Driver Amplifier (ADL5320) will it operate below 400MHz?

    Hi Rev.,

                  Internal circuitry prevents the ADL5320 from operating below 400 MHz.

      I suggest looking at the ADL5601, ADL5602, ADL5535 and ADL5536. the ADL5601 and ADL5535 are 15 dB gain blocks and will operate at 145 MHz. THe ADL5602 and ADL5536 are similar…

  • ADL5545

    I have an existing PCB that uses an ADL5536 (20dB gain at 500MHz). I need a pin-compatible part that provides at least 3dB more gain, 6dB would be ideal. The ADL5545 says it has 24dB gain, and do the plots in the datasheet. However, the S-parameter chart…

  • RE: IP2 for ADL5536 and ADL5320

    Attache is OIP2 data for the ADL5536 and ADL5320 . OIP2 is plotted against output power.

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  • 提问,RF放大器的参数解释,P1dB、OIP3




  • ADL5536 amplifies bipolar signals?

    I mean, if I have a bipolar signal, ADL5536 will work on both cycles or it will work only in positive? What happens if it works in negative voltage?

    Thank you.

  • ADL5536 gain block oscillations

    Hi, I need have implemented a test board with two ADL5536 gain blocks to achieve a signal gain of 40dB. Each individual amp works well, however when I link the two the board becomes unstable and oscillates at about 800MHz.

    I have used 100nF input/output…

  • RE: ADL5536使用问题


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  • RE: 如何选择RF放大器的直流偏置电感?



    470 nH (Coilcraft 0603LS-NX or equivalent)