• Operating the ADL5535/6 with a lower value of choke inductor

    Q. The ADL5536 recommends a 470nH choke inductor value for optimal performance? Can the device be operated with a lower value of inductor?


  • adl5535 mechanical stree

    I use  RF cover  that make cavities on the PCB .

    during  cold cycle -30 deg C   the ADL5535  stop working and don't draw  any current  .

    After returning to 25 deg  the IC  70 % time return to work normally and 30 % remain faulty .

    after reordering [ hitting…

  • RE: Is ADL5535 designed for a specific output power?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • ADL5535 1PdB - 1dB Compression Point Unterstanding

    Hi Folks,

    please could you help me to explain the fact, that the ADL5535 has a higher 1dB compression point than the power supply allows?


    1dB P1 = 18.6dB as lowest in statistic, according to Fig.11. of the datasheet.


    18.6dB is 72.44mW…

  • ADL5535 as ADC Driver


    I am trying to drive an ADC with a high impedance differential input by using two (single ended) ADL5535 amplifiers to serve as the differential input. A few questions:

    1. Is it wise to use two amplifiers in this manner or should I stick to using…

  • RE: HMC313 output matching w/Evaluation Board

    Hi sss@jpn,

    The layout for the original EVB was not correct in my opinion. It had a T-stub inductor connection, when the bias inductor should really land on the output line.

     We recommended something similar to the ADL5535 layout (linked below).


  • Understanding of OIP3


    I have a question about OIP3 of ADL5535.
    Datasheet says that OIP3 is 45.5dBm at 190MHz and 380MHz. Is this indicated as the total power of two-tone ?
    And the attached file shows my understanding.
    Please find attached file, and let me know my underst…

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  • RE: RF Driver Amplifier (ADL5320) will it operate below 400MHz?

    Hi Rev.,

                  Internal circuitry prevents the ADL5320 from operating below 400 MHz.

      I suggest looking at the ADL5601, ADL5602, ADL5535 and ADL5536. the ADL5601 and ADL5535 are 15 dB gain blocks and will operate at 145 MHz. THe ADL5602 and ADL5536 are similar…