• IIP2 value for ADL5523 not given in datasheet


    Can you please share the IIP2 value for ADL5523 LNA?

  • RE: ADL5523 Maximum Input Power


    7dBm of input power is fine for ADL5523 when the device unbiased state.  



  • RE: How to design the matching network of ADL5324 and ADL5523

    Hi Chris,

                The attached document contains the copper thicness and board material thickness for the ADL5324 and ADL5523.

  • 放大器 - Amplifier

    你好 -



    Hello there,

    I would like to ask what device is TR1 in the ADL5523 data sheet? Also, is there any requirement about the input port and amplifier matching?

  • ADL5523 switch on time

    We are using the ADL5523 in a TDMA application as an LNA. Is there a specification for the switch-on time? I didn't find anything about timing in the data sheet.

  • RE: LNA design

    I'm sorry, we cannot really help you with a general question like this. We can answer questions on specific Analog Devices LNAs such as ADL5521 and ADL5523.

  • ADL5523 S parameters simulation


    I am trying to replicate the S parameters results from the datasheet in the ADS for 1950 MHz matching. I am using the following schematic:

    The substrate parameters are from the IS410 (FR4) from ISOLA.

    The results that I had are these:

    These results…

  • ADL5523  How to 3ports matching


    I want to know how to 3ports matching with ADL5523.

    Because I used DE-EMBEDDED S-PARA in datasheet to matching.
    Matching result using only S11@2GHz, C1 was 0.5pF and L1 was 0.3nH.
    But datasheet Table7 C1 was 1.6pF and L1 was 1nH.

    I think that…

  • RE: ADL5521 S-Parameters

    The s parameter for the ADL5521 and the ADL5523 are de-embedded, which means that they are with respect to the pins of the device. And, yes, you do need to use the external matching components to achieve the performance that is specified on the spec page…

  • RE: ADL5523 and eval board set up

    The evaluation board does not come with a 110 V to 5 V adapter.

    The board is fully populated, tested and equipped with end launch SMA connectors.

    The ADL5523 is externally tuned and requires different matchnig components for different frequencies.