• RE: ADL 5523 evaluation board

    Hi Bruno,

    ADL5523 has both poor input and output return loss. When cascaded in series the reflected power cause by the mismatch is likely the cause for the oscillation. You could try to put a attenuator in between the stages to see if you can stabilize…

  • ADL5523


        I have a question about the ADL5523 evaluation board. Can you tell me how to modify the evaluation board to work at any frequency between 400MHz and 4GHz? I want to know  the suitable value that adl5523 can work at 400MHz to 500MHz.

        Thank you…

  • RE: ADL5523 Maximum Input Power


    7dBm of input power is fine for ADL5523 when the device unbiased state.  



  • ADL5523

    I need the spice model for ADL5523.

  • ADL5523 S params at 3.3V

    Hi,our customer designing LNA with ADL5523.For 3.3V power supply,can you help support the S params of ADL5523?

  • How to correctly establish S parameter simulation schematic of ADL5523 in the ADS?


    Our lab prepare to use ADL5523 to improve the performance fo existing circuits. it works at 433MHz. I have downloaded the ADL5523 s3p file in official website. It is different from s2p, and  it use port2(VPOS/VBIAS)to match output impedance. i…

  • ADL5523 switch on time

    We are using the ADL5523 in a TDMA application as an LNA. Is there a specification for the switch-on time? I didn't find anything about timing in the data sheet.

  • ADL5523 S parameters simulation


    I am trying to replicate the S parameters results from the datasheet in the ADS for 1950 MHz matching. I am using the following schematic:

    The substrate parameters are from the IS410 (FR4) from ISOLA.

    The results that I had are these:

    These results…

  • RF-ADL5523

    Hello, I want to design a bandpass amplifier with a bandpass frequency between 400MHz and 500MHz. I use the ADL5523 as the amplifier chip,and i hope you can give me some suggestion about the ADL5523 chip. I want to know if the ground resistance can be…

  • ADL5523 at 400MHz


    I wanted to know the components required to interface to the ADL5523 at 400 MHz .The datasheet shows the components value at 500 MHz value and not below it. Can u please suggest the values to use.