• ADL5521


    We were trying to use the s2p file at  http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/rfif-amplifiers/adl5521/products/product.html.

    However, the s2p file in not compatible with ADS 2013. Any suggestions?

    Also, we need to get the design/spice model…

  • ADL5521:Impedance matching

    My project needs an LNA in the 1-2GHz range, so I chose the ADL5521.

    When I looked at the datasheet of the ADL5521, I found that there was a problem of impedance matching over a wide frequency range. The typical circuit of datasheet recommends choosing…

  • About ADL5521


        When I use the given peripheral components (2140MHz) on the datasheet to configure the ADL5521 chip, the chip attenuates the input signal about 10dB, does not play the role of amplification, but the current consumption can be observed from…

  • RE: ADL5523 S params at 3.3V

    And I found that the S params downloaded online  is about ADL5521 as below:

  • ADL5521,ADL5531 revers power Absolute Maximum Ratings

    Hi all,

    About ADL5521,ADL5531,
    How is the Absolute Maximum Ratings of revers power input to RFOUT ?

    Best regards,

  • RE: Replacement for HMC605LP3E?


    ADL5521 or HMC374SC70E can be used as LNAs for 2.4 GHz.

    What are the requirements?



  • RE: Query about ADL5545 and ADL5521' Gerber Files

    Hi Wayne,

                      The board material is IS410. The thickness for the ADL5521 is 11.66 mils. The thickness for the ADL5545 is 13 mils.

  • RE: Dimensions for Evaluation Boards

    Hi Suren_86,

                            The ADL5324 is 41.275 mm wide by 38.1 mm high.

                            The ADL5521 is 32.639 mm wide by 46.355 mm high.

  • RE: ADL5521 S-Parameters

    The s parameter for the ADL5521 and the ADL5523 are de-embedded, which means that they are with respect to the pins of the device. And, yes, you do need to use the external matching components to achieve the performance that is specified on the spec page…

  • ADL5521 TR (trace) calculations


    In the ADL5521 Datasheet (Rev A, pages 16 and 17), great discussion of the layout and component selection is given, except for TR 1 and 2.

    How do you calculate the value?

    I assume dielectric of the board matters - and wonder how it impacts the…