• ADL5521


    We were trying to use the s2p file at  http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/rfif-amplifiers/adl5521/products/product.html.

    However, the s2p file in not compatible with ADS 2013. Any suggestions?

    Also, we need to get the design/spice model…

  • ADL5521:Impedance matching

    My project needs an LNA in the 1-2GHz range, so I chose the ADL5521.

    When I looked at the datasheet of the ADL5521, I found that there was a problem of impedance matching over a wide frequency range. The typical circuit of datasheet recommends choosing…

  • About ADL5521


        When I use the given peripheral components (2140MHz) on the datasheet to configure the ADL5521 chip, the chip attenuates the input signal about 10dB, does not play the role of amplification, but the current consumption can be observed from…

  • ADL5521 OIP3


    I am wondering why you chose 1 MHz for tone spacing when measuring OIP3? Does OIP3 vary with the value of tone spacing? If the tone spacing is reduced, for example delta f = 15 kHz, how does OIP3 change?

    Thank you in advance.

  • ADL5521 S-Parameters

    Looking to use the ADL5521 at 1.59GHz. 

    1)  Do the s-parameters on the web include the matching network shown in the datasheet?

    2) Does I need the matching networks or can I  get away without using them?

  • ADL5521 TR (trace) calculations


    In the ADL5521 Datasheet (Rev A, pages 16 and 17), great discussion of the layout and component selection is given, except for TR 1 and 2.

    How do you calculate the value?

    I assume dielectric of the board matters - and wonder how it impacts the…

  • 关于ADL5521问题


    我们在产品中采用ADL5521作为第一级信号放大,芯片输入前面为射频天线+三阶带通LC滤波器300M ~1500M,作为射频信号通道板使用。


    当把 第一级信号放大 芯片 ADL5521 更换后,电路 板恢复正常。


  • 关于ADL5521的问题



  • ADL5521-ADS simulation for Matching


    I am trying to simulate matching for default setting at 1950MHz, using S-parameter file on the website.

    However, I do not get expected simulation result with the setting you have on the website.

    1. Simulating with the setting on manual.


  • ADL5521 integrated DC blocking capacitors


    ADL5521 data-sheet reports "Integrated DC blocking capacitors" but give no information about max DC voltage that can be applied to pins 2 and 7, could you tell me more?

    And about statics that could be picked up by antenna is there some…