• ADL5521 - Qjc

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    What is the Q-junction to case of the amplifier ADL5521ACPZ ?

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  • ADL5521: How to operate in 1000MHz?


       I found that the datasheet of the adl5521 only has recommended parts for some frequencies. I want to use ADL5521 at 1000MHz, so how should I choose  suitable resistors and capacitors?

  • ADL5521 OIP3


    I am wondering why you chose 1 MHz for tone spacing when measuring OIP3? Does OIP3 vary with the value of tone spacing? If the tone spacing is reduced, for example delta f = 15 kHz, how does OIP3 change?

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  • ADL5521 OIP3 vs. Output Power


    In figure 14, what is the test condition in this measurement? In specific, what is VPOS and Pin in this case? Do you vary the input power in this measurement?

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  • FAQ: Residual Phase Noise of ADL5521

    QCan you provide Residual Phase Noise Data for ADL5521?

  • ADL5521:Impedance matching

    My project needs an LNA in the 1-2GHz range, so I chose the ADL5521.

    When I looked at the datasheet of the ADL5521, I found that there was a problem of impedance matching over a wide frequency range. The typical circuit of datasheet recommends choosing…

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  • About ADL5521


        When I use the given peripheral components (2140MHz) on the datasheet to configure the ADL5521 chip, the chip attenuates the input signal about 10dB, does not play the role of amplification, but the current consumption can be observed from…

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