• ADL5519 and AD8318

    Dear all, I need to design a 4.4-5.GHz power detector for direct and reflected power ( so i need 2 power detector) with a dynamic range of 55dB a temperature range of -35 to 90°C and i have just 150mA to bias them. I selected the ADL5519 and AD8318, but…

  • ADL5519

    I am looking at a wide dynamic range RF detector (~60dB) to operate in the 0.5 - 2.2GHz range. This is for various signal types up to W-CDMA PAR and bandwidth, with the desire to measure the peak independant of the signal modulation. There seems to be…

  • Using the ADL5519 differential inputs

    We are using the ADL5519 in an cable RF insertion loss measurement system.

    We use the differential inputs to the ADL5519 for measuring RF signal levels in a 100 Ohm differential system.

    The data sheet information for the ADL5519 only shows the device…

  • ADL5519 envelope bandwidth

    I'm comparing two parts, the AD8302 and the ADL5519.  The AD8302 datasheet discusses the envelope bandwidth quite a bit, and specifies it at 30MHz, while the ADL5519 only has a spec of 10MHz.  Is there a reason the ADL5519 has a lower envelope bandwidth…

  • ADL5519  SPCIE simulation module wanted

    Dear enash,

             I want to use the ADL5519 for my power monitor design and then calculate voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) . Before I start my design, I want to do some simulation of ADL5519, but I don't find the ADL5519 Spice simulation in your office…

  • RE: ADL5519 AGC Response Time

    Does anyone have any data on the response time of the ADL5519 in an AGC circuit?  We're interested in using the ADL5519 with the ADL5330 VGA.  Also, would I get better performance if I used an external high speed op amps as integrators instead of using…

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  • ADL5519或者AD8317的SPICE仿真库


  • Using the ADL5519 in a 45 Ohm system

    We are using the ADL5519 in a 45 Ohm system.

    Based on the ADL5519 data sheet recommendation:

    Use 52.3 Ohm termination resistors to produce a 50 Ohm input impedance.

    We are using 47 Ohm termination resistors to produce a 45 Ohm input impedance.


  • the input voltage of ADJA, ADJB when use ADL5519


    I am using the ADL5519 to measure VSWR, the frequency range of input signal is between 1MHz and 10 MHz, But when I read the ADL5519 Datasheet  "TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION ADJUSTMENT "


    Could you give me the recommended ADJA,ADJB voltage…