• ADL5519

    I am looking at a wide dynamic range RF detector (~60dB) to operate in the 0.5 - 2.2GHz range. This is for various signal types up to W-CDMA PAR and bandwidth, with the desire to measure the peak independant of the signal modulation. There seems to be…

  • ADL5519 output noise


    We've been using multiple ADL5513 for VSWR measurement, but I am considering using the ADL5519 instead. Low output noise is critical for this application, especially at low frequencies <1kHz. I had asked previously here about noise performance…


    最近做一个2.4G 的VSWR 测量模块,查看ADL5519手册在线性区域OUTA , OUTB 的输出范围1.26~0.6V,

    1.那么OUTP=OUTA-OUTB, 是不是应该是0----0.66V?

    2.手册给出公式OUTP = OUTA − OUTB + VLVL,


  • ADL5519 s-parameters


    I was wondering if I can have access to ADL5519 s1p file for both channel A and B? I need it for the purpose of designing a matching circuit.


  • ADL5519 envelope bandwidth

    I'm comparing two parts, the AD8302 and the ADL5519.  The AD8302 datasheet discusses the envelope bandwidth quite a bit, and specifies it at 30MHz, while the ADL5519 only has a spec of 10MHz.  Is there a reason the ADL5519 has a lower envelope bandwidth…

  • ADL5519 Channel Isolation

    Hi, the isolation values given in the datasheet look confusing to me. What I want to know is the (lowest) difference between OUT B and OUT A  when RF IN B is terminated with 50 ohm and RF IN A is swept from 1 GHz to 8 GHz at 0 dBm. What should I understand…

  • VREF output of ADL5519

    Hi ,

       I want to use the ADL5519 to detect the input signal power,  and I draw the schematic based on the  EVALUATION BOARD SCHEMATIC AND ARTWORK at page 37 in the datasheet of ADL5519. 

       I have made some changes in the design, leave all PIN COMR floating…

  • ADL5519 and AD8318

    Dear all, I need to design a 4.4-5.GHz power detector for direct and reflected power ( so i need 2 power detector) with a dynamic range of 55dB a temperature range of -35 to 90°C and i have just 150mA to bias them. I selected the ADL5519 and AD8318, but…

  • ADL5519  SPCIE simulation module wanted

    Dear enash,

             I want to use the ADL5519 for my power monitor design and then calculate voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) . Before I start my design, I want to do some simulation of ADL5519, but I don't find the ADL5519 Spice simulation in your office…

  • ADL5519 for VSWR Measurement


    I Need to measure VSWR of Tx operating in 3.5 GHz. 

    I found this example in ADL5519 Datasheet . Do we have any reference schematics for VSWR Measurement? , OR details on output section , especially for difference output.

    How return loss is measured…