• ADL5513

    Using an ADL5513 as a replacement for the AD8310 in an existing 10MHz-500MHz power detector product that has undergone a revision.

    The ADL was chosen due to its improved temperature stability.

    Unfortunately the input impedance behaves very differently…

  • ADL5513 10MHz


    I was wondering if you have data similar to the one provided in the following post but for 10Mhz. 


    We would like to also know…

  • ADL5513 noise <1kHz

    Hello, I'm using the ADL5513 for a detector with low envelope bandwidth, around 0-100Hz. The ADL5513 datasheet only describes output noise density down to 1KHz. Do you have any data below 1KHz for estimating output noise? The plots show it decreasing…

  • ADL5513 Output Filtering

    Hi all, i have a question regarding the equation for the filter capacitor CFLT connected to CLPF on the ADL5513 to lower the video bandwidth. This is a capture from the datasheet.

    My question is about the 1.5kΩ value present in the formula. It shuldn…

  • ADL5513 TADJ pin


    If I do not want to use the temperature compensation option of the ADL5513 device, can I leave the TADJ unconnected?

    Thank you in advanced.


  • ADL5513 log amp undershoot

    ADL5513 pulse response

    I am using this device at 2.4 GHz driven with a balanced feed from a Minicircuits balun, to avoid log amp tails.

    However, i see an annoying undershoot at the end of the pulse. The output of the log amp is buffered with an AD8051…

  • ADL5513 Low Frequency Operation

    The ADL5513 is specified to operate to 1 MHz, however the datasheet shows no performance information/expectations below 100MHz.

    Can you provide some details please as to specs and graphs down at or near 1 MHz?


  • ADL5513 power supply

    Hi all, Can i use ADL5513 with suppyling power to only one VPOS pin?

  • ADL5513 CLPF VOUT filtering

    Hi all,

    Our customer start to optimize and evaluate the ADL5513 .

    In the datasheet, connecting a ground-referenced capacitor (CFLT) to the CLPF pin recommended.

    About design for the CLPF pin and VOUT pin filter @ ADL5513,
    1.Is the RC filter connecting…

  • ADL5513 RF Burst


    I am using ADL5513 for RF Pulse detection from 500MHz to 2.0GHz operation(Broadband) without any input filter. I am using single ended operation as suggested in the datasheet. I found some oscillations around 9.16MHz getting generated at the detector…