• ADL5513 with Vdd=3.3V and Tadj

    Hi all,

    We will like to use the ADL5513 logarithmic detector with a 3.3V supply voltage, in the frequency range between 2.6 and 3GHz.

    According to Figure 21 of the datasheet, it seems to behave the same with variations on the power supply voltage, at…

  • ADL5513 and 1090MHz


    I am trying to receive a 1MHz bandwidth signal with a 1090MHz carrier frequency, since I am not an expert in RF and microwave, i would like to ask you if my current circuit configuration can receive and demodulate the 1090MHz signal using 3 LNAs and…

  • ADL5513 noise <1kHz

    Hello, I'm using the ADL5513 for a detector with low envelope bandwidth, around 0-100Hz. The ADL5513 datasheet only describes output noise density down to 1KHz. Do you have any data below 1KHz for estimating output noise? The plots show it decreasing…

  • Is logarithmic RF detector ADL5513 a fully differential design ?


    I have a question regarding the logarithmic RF detector ADL5513. In the datasheet
    (www.analog.com/.../ADL5513.pdf) on page 13 is written that it is a fully
    differential design but on page 14 under section INPUT SIGNAL COUPLING is written : “The RF…
  • ADL5513 10MHz


    I was wondering if you have data similar to the one provided in the following post but for 10Mhz. 


    We would like to also know…

  • ADL5513 Output Filtering

    Hi all, i have a question regarding the equation for the filter capacitor CFLT connected to CLPF on the ADL5513 to lower the video bandwidth. This is a capture from the datasheet.

    My question is about the 1.5kΩ value present in the formula. It shuldn…

  • ADL5513 CLPF VOUT filtering

    Hi all,

    Our customer start to optimize and evaluate the ADL5513 .

    In the datasheet, connecting a ground-referenced capacitor (CFLT) to the CLPF pin recommended.

    About design for the CLPF pin and VOUT pin filter @ ADL5513,
    1.Is the RC filter connecting…

  • ADL5513 Low Frequency Operation & Temperature data @ 50MHz

    Hi all,

    Our customer design the ADL5513 @ 50 MHz.

    However the datasheet shows no performance information/expectations below 100MHz.

    Can you provide some details please as to specs and graphs down at or near 50 MHz ?

    For example,

    1.Datasheet 3 page …

  • ADL5513 back-terminating resistor of evaluation board


    I am basing my design of a log detector using the schematic of the evaluation board of the  ADL5513.

    My question is about the value of the resistor R3. It is necesary to have that output impedance? It can be greater?

    If I use no CL nor RL, the value…

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