• ADL5513

    Using an ADL5513 as a replacement for the AD8310 in an existing 10MHz-500MHz power detector product that has undergone a revision.

    The ADL was chosen due to its improved temperature stability.

    Unfortunately the input impedance behaves very differently…

  • RE: adl5904

    I would recommend the AD8310 instead of the AD8307.

    Both the AD8310 and the ADL5513 slopes can be changed with appropriate external resistors.  Please see page 17 in the AD8310 datasheet and page 19 in the ADL5513 datasheet.

  • RE: How to invert AD8318 output?

    Yes, you will need to use an external op amp to invert the output of the detector. Have you considered the ADL5513? The ADL5513 can be operated from 1MHz to 4GHz, and it's output response has a positive slope.

  • ADL5513 flip INHI and INLO for single ended Broadband application

    I want to use the ADL5513 as broadband detector within a single ended circuit. For layout considerations I want to use the ADL5513 INLO instead the INHI RF input. Are there any limitations / degradations doing this?

  • ADL5513 CLPF VOUT filtering

    Hi all,

    Our customer start to optimize and evaluate the ADL5513 .

    In the datasheet, connecting a ground-referenced capacitor (CFLT) to the CLPF pin recommended.

    About design for the CLPF pin and VOUT pin filter @ ADL5513,
    1.Is the RC filter connecting…

  • RE: Theta j-c of ADL5513, ADCMP600

    For the ADL5513, Theta JC = 8.3 deg C / W.

  • RE: ADL5513 and 1090Mhz

    The schematic I have is exactly like on page 21 of the data sheet. We are using eval boards for all the devices. This includes the AD8062, ADL5513, and ADL5530. We are connecting the eval board using RF cables.



    From: Jim Bedrosian analog@sgaur…

  • ADL5513 power supply

    Hi all, Can i use ADL5513 with suppyling power to only one VPOS pin?

  • RE: ADL5513 Low Frequency Operation

    We typically characterize broad band devices such as the ADL5513, at the frequecies we know to have a lot of use, such as, common IF frequencies, common cellular frequencies etc. It would be an exhaustive task to characterize every frequency. As part…