• ADL5511 linear conformance


    it could be useful to me to know about systematic error in the linear curve VOUT DC vs VIN RF of ADL5511, that is, a polinomial curve that express the real curve of a typical device, which probably has the linear coefficient much higher than others…

  • Maximum capacitance value connected to ADL5511

    Our customers are evaluating the ADL5511 on their board.

    So we have received the following question. Could you assist me with answering it?

    What is the maximum capacitance value to connect to EREF, FLT2, and FLT3 of the ADL5511?

    Best regards,

  • Simulate ADL5511

    I would like to simulate the ADL5511 in some software, like LTspace, but there are no models available. How can I do this?

  • ADL5511

    The ADL5511 RMS detector output becomes near 0V when the input power is greater than 16dBm. Why is there such a jump?

  • S-Parameters for ADL5511 RF Input

    Question: Do you have an S-Parameter file for the RF input of ADL5511?

    Answer: S-Parameter file is attached. Note that this is with the default external 75 Ohm shunt resistor removed.

  • FAQ: ADL5511 No Connect (NC) Pins

    Question: In the ADL5511 datasheet, pins 6, 7, 8, 12 and 13 are designated as No Connect. Are these pins really no-connect or can I ground them?

    Answer: Pins 6, 8, 12 and 13 are not internally wire-bonded to the die so it's ok to ground these pins if…

  • ADL5511 Envelope Detector


    Can the ADL5511 envelope detector be used for 100MHz 5G signals. The quoted B/W is 130MHz so I assume it will be ok. Has anyone tried it and also can anyone recommend a good output buffer as it looks to be load sensitive,



  • ADl5511 Venv output voltage

    Hi Analog support team,

    I power the chip ADL5511ACPZ-R7 and there is no input RFIN signal. I measured the Venv output voltage to be 1.1V. I read in the datasheet that Venv will not have a DC 1.1V voltage. I have attached the schematic. Can you help me…

  • ADL5511 impedance matching

    For adl5511, in the data book application information figure 49:

    The input R5 is 75 ohms, but the output of the RF signal source I have is 50 ohms

    If the data connection provided in the application manual is appropriate, will reflection occur?