• adl5511

    Hi all

    I'm planning on using the ADL5511 as I need to track and convert the envelope of a signal.

    My carrier is approx 220kHz modulated at max 10kHz. 

    I adapted the values of the evaluation board according to:

    • Cin: 1uF
    • CFLT1: 560pF
    • CFLT2: 15nF
    • CFLT3…
  • ADL5511

    We need a recommendation for choosing ADC for a Peak Power detector using ADL5511.  For 130MHz envelope bandwidth it's need adc
    with sampling rate greater than 130MHz, is this right? Or we can use for example AD7791 which has 120Hz sampling rate.

  • ADL5511

    I have a question about ADL5511. I want to mesure pure sine waves (without modulation) in a range from DC to 100Mhz with ADL5511, I asked this before in another post and was answerd that it was possible, but I was reading the datasheet and i'am concerned…

  • ADL5511


    The user guide UG - 312, for the ADL5511 Eval Board, states that the P2 edge connector provides an alternate access point to the various ADL5511 signals. Do you have a suggested part number for a connector that will interface with the the card…

  • RE: Low error RF detectors.

    Take a look at ADL5511 (www.analog.com/ADL5511). It can be configured to operate down to arbitrarily low frequencies.

  • RE: Output Linearization of AD8364 for RF Power Measurement

    Hi ALauver, 

    Sorry that was a typo. The detector to consider is ADL5511.

  • RE: ADL5511 envelope signal sampling with LTC2311

    Hello Alberto,

    You do not have to use a buffer in between ADL5511 and LTC2311-12 ADC.  You may use the ADL5511 to drive the LTC2311-12 directly. 

  • RE: Antilog(exponential) amplifier

    Have you looked at the ADL5511?  It looks like that goes down to DC and has two linear V/V detectors: one that is RMS and the other is an envelope detector.


  • Thermal Resistance of ADL5511

    Thermal Resistance of ADL5511 is not mentioned in the datasheet. What is Thermal Resistance and Junction Temperature of ADL5511? Also mention whether thermal resistance is "channel to air (Tja)" or "channel to case (Tjc)"


  • i don`t konw how to measure ADL5511`s VRMS at 500khz


    I`m using ADL5511 for Monitoring Vrms from 500khz to 700khz.

    but i don`t know FLT4`s Capacitance Value from 500khz to 700khz.

    i`m Rms measure by using ADL5511-EVALZ but Vrms is not ouput

    I see that The ADL5511 can operate from dc to 6 GHz on…