• ADL5502 Low Frequency Operation

    ADL5502 has a low frequency boundary of 450 MHz according to the datasheet. What would be the issues if I operate it around 100MHz? Any hint?

  • ADL5502 is a photosensible device?

    What is the reason to define the "light condition"(<= 600lux) on Typical Performance Characteristics as reported at page 8 of datasheet?

  • The two ADL5502-EVALZ boards have different behaviors.

    The two ADL5502-EVALZ boards have different behaviors.

    We tested the behavior after purchasing 2 ADL5502-EVALZ boards about two weeks ago.

    One board (A) seems to be working normally.

    However, the other board (B) has an output of about 400mV, regardless…

  • ADL5502 peak hold time on the datasheet


    I have question about ADL5502 datasheet P5 "Peak Hold time".

    The datasheet has Peak Hole Time.

    In this section has "CNTL=high". For peak hold, CNTL should be "Low".


    How should I understand the explanation?

  • ADL5502 peak detect for ultrashort pulse measurement

    Hello everybody,

    A femtosecond laser pulse generates an electrical pulse on a photodiode.

    Pulse is gaussian like with a FWHM of 590ps thanks to the rise time of the PD (175ps) - this means a Bandwith of up to 2GHz

    The ADL5502 is used for RMS and peak…

  • RF peak detector


    I'm looking for an RF peak detector in the 200-600 MHz frequency range. (whit hold and reset functions)

    The ADL5502 device would have all the needed functionalities, however the lowest input frequency is only 450 MHz.

    Do you have any suggestion…

  • RE: ADL5519

    The ADL5502 uses a specifically designed op-amp to accomplish the peak hold function.  It is a challenge to come up with a way to implement this function (with similar performance) using an off-the-shelf op-amp.   

    The peak detector needs to respond to…

  • RE: true RMS power detection resolution

    This subject has been partially addressed in another thread:


    Regarding which RMS power detector is best:

    Consider one of the linear in Volts-per-Volt detectors…

  • RE: Peak and RMS detector

    Take a look at the ADL5502 and the HMC1120. Both have RMS & peak hold detection capability.  The HMC1120 has envelope tracking functionality as well.

    I'd also look at the ADL5511, which is RMS and envelope detection.

  • RE: Which is right for me?


    I meant the RF detectoor, ADL5502.  I would take a look at this and see if it meets your needs.  If not then our only ADC option for 2.4GHz will be the AD9625 ADC.