• ADL5391 disable threshold


    Could you let me know ADL5391 disable threshold in detail?

    The datasheet mentions the threshold is only "1.5V" for high to low.

    I need to know the minimum voltage for enable and the maximum disable voltage.



  • Impedance matching of ADL5391 output

    Hi, I saw a couple of Q&A treads about matching networks for ADL5391 and in this thread 


    I found some information about…

  • Using ADL5391 beyond 2 GHz


    I have a 2.41 GHz (modulated) signal which I'm willing to multiply by a Sine signal at 300 kHz signal. Do you guys think I can use ADL5391 multiplier to multiply these two signals? I can see in the specs that the max freq. is said to be 2 GHz…

  • Ask Questions about ADL5391


    Now one customer downloaded the gerber file of the ADL5391 Evaluation board and then made a PCB board. All the  components which listed in the datasheet were soldered on the board.

    Keep all the input and output channels floating, then power up the board…

  • ADL5391 Outputs single ended

    Dear ADI Expert,

    in my application the ADL5391 has to drive a single ended input from DC to a few MHz. For symmetry both outputs WP and WM of ADL5391 are connected by 200 Ohms to GND (COMM). Surprisingly to me the outputs do not swing symmetrically around…

  • RE: ADL5391 AM Modulation

    It seems like the ADL5391 should be able to do what you need, as it goes down to DC.  I have you acquired an evaluation board and experimented with the ADL5391?

    Unfortunately, I can't speak to the mixers ability.

  • ADL5391 Spice Model Available ?


    I have a customer using the ADL5391 in a design, but they cannot find a Spice model available for this device on the website: http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/mixersmultipliers/adl5391/products/tools-software-simulation-models/index.ht…

  • ADL5391 output question

    I do a piece of circuit board, schematic and PCB as shown in figure 2 in figure 3

    Using the single-ended input, X and Y input signal are the frequency of 1 MHZ, amplitude of 1 VPP sine wave.

    Now, there is a problem,:the output waveform is shown in figure…

  • Multiplier ADL5391-EVALZ  Help

    I would like to use ADL5391-EVALZ to multiply 2 signal (single ended) and Ican't find a user guide for it. Could someone help? Thanks

  • ADL5391 intermediate gain stage

    Hello, I designing an optical detector circuit and want to use the ADL5391 as an intermediate gain stage to compensate for variations in optical returns. The inputs and outputs will be AC coupled but the stages before and after the ADL5391 are single…