• Synchrodyne/Homodyne mixer circuit using ADL5391

    Dear ADI Engineers,

    I am considering building a replica direct conversion receiver for 50Khz through 250Mhz.
    As part of my application, I intend to use a Si5351A circuit to generate a square wave as the LO frequency.
    I would like to know if ADL5391 can…

  • ADL5391 Z input

    In the datasheet Table3 at page 6, Z input is described as "Differential Intercept Inputs. Must be ac-coupled."

    On the other hand, at page10, it is described as follows.

    "In dc-coupled operation, the inputs can be biased to a common mode…

  • SPICE model of ADL5391

    Hello There!

    I need spice model of ADL5391. Can you pls provide the same?


  • EVAL-ADL5391 single-end input

    I like to input 2.5V ±1V sine wave whose frequency range is between 1k - 10kHz.

    I wonder if I can use EVAL-ADL5391 X input configurations at datasheet figure23.

    Judging from Table4 descriptions, I can remove T1 and replace it with 0Ω resistor.…

  • Ask Questions about ADL5391


    Now one customer downloaded the gerber file of the ADL5391 Evaluation board and then made a PCB board. All the  components which listed in the datasheet were soldered on the board.

    Keep all the input and output channels floating, then power up the board…

  • ADL5391 bias voltage

    Dear ADI Engineers,

    I have a question regarding the ADL5391.

    In the data sheet I see that all pins are internally biased to Vpos/2, being 2.5 V in my case (Vpos = 5 V). This means that in DC coupled mode input voltages below 2.5 V are treated as negative…

  • ADL5391 fundamental feedthrough

    Dear ADI Engineers,

    I have a question regarding the ADL5391.

    In the data sheet the fundamental feedthrough is specified as -35 dB. Is this measured in full differential mode? I did several test measurements

    1. In full single-ended operation using matching…
  • Impedance matching of ADL5391 output

    Hi, I saw a couple of Q&A treads about matching networks for ADL5391 and in this thread 


    I found some information about…

  • ADL5391 GADJ bandwidth


    On the ADL5391 multiplier, what is roughly the small-signal bandwidth of GADJ?

    (This is for a design where small closed-loop adjustments need to be made on the amplitude of a signal generated by an ADL5391 – if I can directly use the GADJ pin for…

  • ADL5391 input voltage range

    The data sheet page 1 states: " The fully differential X, Y, and Z input interfaces are operational over a ±2 V range operation".  This a swing of 4 V p-p.

    The detailed specs on page 3  show:  Differential Voltage Range, Differential, common…