• Can ADL5391  ENBL pin drived by MCU ?

    MCU pin is 3.3V, ADL5391  ENBL pin is HIGH at 5V.I want to know that if this pin can be drived by MCU output pin at 3.3V. When mcu give 3.3V to ADL5391  ENBL pin,which can make ADL5391 be disabled? Thanks.

  • ADL5391 in any parametric search?

    I know ADL5391 from a former project but I cannot find it in any parametric search (neither VGA nor mixer). Is ADL5391 going to be phased out?

  • ADL5391

    Dear all,

    I am facing some trouble while using the RF multiplier ADL5391, where our aim is to use it as a squarer (same input over Xp, Yp).

    Main issue is the fact that we observe reflections over the input Yp.

    By following the datasheet we placed R2…

  • RE: ADL5391 AM Modulation

    It seems like the ADL5391 should be able to do what you need, as it goes down to DC.  I have you acquired an evaluation board and experimented with the ADL5391?

    Unfortunately, I can't speak to the mixers ability.

  • ADL5391 Outputs single ended

    Dear ADI Expert,

    in my application the ADL5391 has to drive a single ended input from DC to a few MHz. For symmetry both outputs WP and WM of ADL5391 are connected by 200 Ohms to GND (COMM). Surprisingly to me the outputs do not swing symmetrically around…

  • Input line (+,-), Output line (+,-) on ADL 5391

    Hi, I will use ADL 5391 for application of analog multiplier. First, a pair of three pairs of input lines of ADL5391, Must XP(X PLUS)  and XM (X MINUS) be connected using a resistor outside of ADL5391 OR not connected ?
    According to Fig 12. basic multiplier…

  • RE: ADL5391-Evalz as high frequency multiplier

    That should work in principle.

    I'm a little concerned outputs not being terminated in a balance fashion.  Why don't you just connect the W output of the bottom ADL5391 fully differentially to the Z input of the top ADL5391?  So just amend the connection…

  • ADL5391 GADJ bandwidth


    On the ADL5391 multiplier, what is roughly the small-signal bandwidth of GADJ?

    (This is for a design where small closed-loop adjustments need to be made on the amplitude of a signal generated by an ADL5391 – if I can directly use the GADJ pin for…

  • RE: Multiplier ADL5391-EVALZ  Help

    Hi Abe,

    Thanks for your interest in using the ADL5391-EVALZ. Let me contact the application engineer of this product and get back to you if the user guide is available. In the meantime, if it will be of any help, the schematics of the board are available…

  • ADL5391 Spice Model Available ?


    I have a customer using the ADL5391 in a design, but they cannot find a Spice model available for this device on the website: http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/mixersmultipliers/adl5391/products/tools-software-simulation-models/index.ht…