• RE: ADL5391 Z input


    yes it is mentioned in the DS, on page 11, that the All inputs can be driven in single-ended fashion and can be ac-coupled. In
    dc-coupled operation, the inputs can be biased to a common mode that is lower than VPOS/2.

    Yes you can input DC voltage to Z…

  • RE: EVAL-ADL5391 single-end input

    HI - Please let me know if you need any further information on this.

    Thank you,


  • ADL5391

    Dear all,

    I am facing some trouble while using the RF multiplier ADL5391, where our aim is to use it as a squarer (same input over Xp, Yp).

    Main issue is the fact that we observe reflections over the input Yp.

    By following the datasheet we placed R2…

  • ADL5391 bias voltage

    Dear ADI Engineers,

    I have a question regarding the ADL5391.

    In the data sheet I see that all pins are internally biased to Vpos/2, being 2.5 V in my case (Vpos = 5 V). This means that in DC coupled mode input voltages below 2.5 V are treated as negative…

  • ADL5391 multiplier problem


    I am testing my new ADL5391-Evaluationboard, and coming across with the following problem. As you can see on the figures, the multiplication output is somehow disturbed. The output is not a proper sine-function anymore. Some peaks are higher,…

  • ADL5391 fundamental feedthrough

    Dear ADI Engineers,

    I have a question regarding the ADL5391.

    In the data sheet the fundamental feedthrough is specified as -35 dB. Is this measured in full differential mode? I did several test measurements

    1. In full single-ended operation using matching…
  • ADL5391-Multiplier


    I want to purchase few of these ICs (ADL5391-2.0 GHz Multiplier - 5 pieces) for my prototype development but disappointingly you have minimum 50 qty requirements for this IC.

    Hard to understand the logic behind how a developer would buy 50 pieces…

  • ADL5391 - Single Ended Input.


    I recently bought an evaluation board of ADL5391.

    I intend to use it as an ASK modulator, but my input signals are single ended.

    XP => Low freq. ASK

    YP => RF Carrier

    The low freq. ASK signal has 400mVpp (0-400m), so in order to have at…

  • ADL5391 GADJ bandwidth


    On the ADL5391 multiplier, what is roughly the small-signal bandwidth of GADJ?

    (This is for a design where small closed-loop adjustments need to be made on the amplitude of a signal generated by an ADL5391 – if I can directly use the GADJ pin for…

  • ADL5391 offset question

    Hi all,

    I'm using an ADL5391 down to DC. The output offset voltage is adjusted to exactly 0 using the Z input.

    Now there is still some offset as a function of temperature for which I would like to make compensation circuit.

    The data sheet of th…