• ADL5390

    Recently I’ve been using ADL5390. I can’t found Application manual about this chip. Is it convernient for you to send a file to me.

  • Sinusoidal Phase Modulation with ADL5390


    I am trying to perform up to 10MHz phase modulation on a 1.56GHz clock signal.  

    I was looking at the ADL5390 and it seems like it can do this as long as the IQ signals amplitude are properly controlled, but I am not sure

    1. Is the ADL5390 capable…

  • DAC to use with ADL5390

    We are updating an IQ Modulator design that currently uses an AD9777 DAC to drive the I and Q inputs of an ADL5390 as per the ADL5390 data sheet (figure 32).

    The AD9777 DAC is now listed as 'Not Recommended for New Designs'

    What DAC should we…

  • Single-Ended Operation for ADL5390

    I am considering the ADL5390 for some RF vectorial signal tuning operation.  I would prefer working with single-ended signals instead of diffrerential signals; I read on the product info that single-ended operation is supported.  In this case how to I connect…

  • ADL5390 input impeadance

    Hi there,

    I am trying to optimise the input match for this device when used with a third party Quadrature splitter operatinng from 100-900MHz

    The data sheet has a plot of the input match with and without the 66.5Ohm shunt resistor used to match to the…

  • Shorted out ADL5390-EVAL

    I accidentally shorted out the ground and +5 V supplies for the ADL5390-EVAL board. The result was a small spark, and now they are permanently shorted. I was hoping to find an obvious coupling capacitor that might have been busted, or a resistor that…

  • ADL5390 ETC1-1-13


    One of my customers is designing the PCB for ADL5390.

    One of the peripheral part, ETC1-1-13 seemed to be changed the pin-assignment.


    Can they put ETC1-1-13 as attached file?


  • ADL5390 Minimum Operating Frequency?


    Just wondering if anyone knew if the ADL5390 could be used any lower than the 20 MHz specified in the datasheet.  I saw another product reference that specified 10 MHz as the lowest frequency for the part.  I was wondering if the freq range specified…

  • ADL5390 Low-End Input Frequency Limit

    Question: What limits the low end frequency limit of 20 MHz on ADL5390? Is it internal ac-coupling?


    Answer:  Yes, there is AC coupling on the output buffers. 

  • Large unexpected modulation in ADL5390-EVAL

    I have an application where an RF 200 MHz source is delivered by VCO (Minicircuits ZOS-200+) into the RFIN_I input of the ADL5390-EVAL board. The Q inputs are terminated, and the I baseband inputs are P: ground and N: to 0.5V. The RFOP, final output,…