• EVAL-ADL5387

    Hi all, 

    I have purchased an eval board for ADL5387 and trying to test it in a simple setup. I have a source generating a signal and it is split into two feeding LOP and RF. In theory, I should get some DC level out at I_HI and Q_HI, I'm getting nothing…

  • ADL5387 LO Input

    The data sheet for the ADL5387 IQ demodulator refers to driving the LO in 'a single ended manner'. Presuambly there is no perfomance penalty (and hopefully a performance benefit) if driven differentially, for instance from the differential output of…

  • Synchronize Mulitple ADL5387s

    I'm interested in using multiple ADL5387s in my design, but I read in the datasheet that the demod's LO frequency is divided by two when it is split into quadrature.  So I believe the I and Q LO inputs could randomly come up in one of two phases…

  • ADL5382 and ADL5387


    i designed two boards , one with the ADL5382, and the other one with the ADL5387.

    both show the same problem : a new image appears, at frequency : RFin-3*LO.

    In both boards the LO is issued form an ADF4350, with a very bad third order harmonic…

  • ADL5811 connection with ADL5387

    In our design, we need to use both ADL5811 and ADL5387 evaluation board. Firstly, we would like to use ADL5811 evaluation board to convert the measured signal to an intermediate frequency IF. Then this IF signal is mixed down to I and Q signal by ADL5387…

  • ADL5387 IQ output Bais

    Could to change ADL5387 VPB voltage that can to change I/Q output bias voltage?

    The ADL5382 change VPB voltage that I/Q will to change. Have same function at the ADL5387 ?

    THank you.

  • ADL5387 and ADL5385 S-parameters

    Does anyone have S-parameters of ADL5387 and ADL5385? (at least RF port)

    In case of ADL5387 I'm using transformer balun, as recommended in the datasheet.

    Best regards,


  • AD8367 to ADL5387

    pls see the attached schematic.

    Is this will match them?


  • Low Frequency Range of the ADL5387

    The ADL5387 quad demodulator is rated from 50MHz to 2GHz.  Can this part be operated down to 30Mhz and what performance issues can I expect?



  • How to match ADL5387 and ADRF6516


    We are designing a circuit which uses a ADL5387 for 140MHZ QAM signal demod and a ADRF6516 for baseband filter. My question is: the output impedance of ADL5387 is 450 Ohm and the inout impedance of ADRF6516 is 1600 Ohm, do we need a matching circuit…