• ADL5386  Pin Configuration

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    ADL5386 Pin Configuration is available ?

    VPOS :

    21 to 23 pin ;
    35 to 38 pin ;

    VPLO : Positive Supply Voltage for the LO Buffer ; ? pin

    VPDC : Positive Supply Voltage for the DC Bias Cell ; ? pin

    VPMX : Positive Supply Voltage for the Mixer…

  • Difference between ADL5386 and ADL5385


    I am comparing two IQ modulators 5386 and 5385. It was described in the datasheet that ADL5386 has an attenuator that can follow the modulator. My question is: we already can suppress the modulator output signal to almost zero by lowering the…

  • ADL5386 LO  Input Impedance @ ENBL disabled mode

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    The ADL5386 LO Input Impedance @ ENBL(disabled mode) is Hi-z or 50 ohm?

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  • ADL5386 Block Diagram Error at Datasheet

    The log amp detector in ADL5386 can be used to implement an AGC(Automatic Gain Control) loop. A portion of the output signal of the VVA is coupled to the input of the log amp detector. The output current from log detector is compared with the current…

  • ADL5386/5387's LO input harmonics

    As we knew, ADL5385/5387 LO will be divide by 2 inside the chips, so I guess the local harmonic components do no harm to the mod/demod.

    Am I right? If so, then we do not need insert a LPF between the loca oscillator and those chips.

  • FAQ: What is the low frequency operating limit for ADL5385 and ADL5386?


    What is the low frequency operating limit for ADL5385 and ADL5386?



    The ADL5385 and ADL5386 are specified to work down to output frequencies…

  • RE: Query about ADIsimRF's Modeling

    Noise figure should be set  to the negative of the  insertion loss (e.g. an insertion loss of  -1 corresponds to  a noise figure of +1). P1dB and IP3 can be set to  some very high number like 100.

    ADIsimRF already has a number of passive attenuator models…

  • 关于两片AD9739的同步问题


    1. 两片AD9739SYNC INOUT实现同步,AD9739-1的OUT作为BUFER的输入,BUFER的输出分别接两片9739的IN,AD9739-2的OUT悬空,这样连接是否正确?这些同步信号是否还需要接到FPGA中去被控制?实现同步的BUFFER1.8V ADCLK846是否可以?
    2. AD9739位70欧姆输出阻抗,而ADL5386位50欧姆输入阻抗,两者之间连接请问如何做阻抗匹配…
  • RE: Precise phase setting of sinewave RF input signal


    I have a similar application, where I have an sinus RF signal in the range between 150MHz and 450MHz.

    After splitting it, I need to control the relative phase between them with 1 degree accuracy.

    I have been looking into some of your IC, and…

  • FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Question: FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Answer: For starters, there is only one good reason to try and use the AD8346 at frequencies below its specified 800 MHz minimum. And that reason is the fact that the device has…