• AD8333 or ADL5385

    Dear Supporter,

    We would like to choose two of Analog Device IC chips to realize the up and down conversion or IQ modem of wideband (20MHz) signals between low intermediate frequency (IF, 20MHz) and zero-IF (I/Q). Up to now we have only found AD8333…

  • ADL5385 modulator phase reset


    I am trying to build a multichannel RF transmit system. I am using ADL5385 as IQ modulators to vary the amplitude and phase of each channel.

    The problem I am having is: whenever the modulator is powered on, it resets the output phase to be either…

  • ADCLK944, ADL5385 & AD8347


    I have a design which uses a ADCLK944 to provide fanout for local oscillator to two AD8347's and two AD5385's in the frequency range 900-2200MHz and all powered at 3.3V. All of the components are on one PCB and maximum track length is around 60mm…

  • Modulation performance curve for ADL5385


    I am trying to use ADL5385 to do quadrature modulation on RF signal @ 64MHz and 128MHz (Accordingly, the LO input signal is @ 128MHz and 256MHz). I plan to use DC signal as I and Q inputs.

    My question is where can I find the performance data…

  • ADL5387 and ADL5385 S-parameters

    Does anyone have S-parameters of ADL5387 and ADL5385? (at least RF port)

    In case of ADL5387 I'm using transformer balun, as recommended in the datasheet.

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  • ADL5385 top end wiggle room

    My customer needs a modulator that operates in the 54MHz to 800MHz frequency range.  IQ bandwidth is 10-20MHz

    sideband of 50 or greater.

    I see the ADL5385 but that goes to 2.2GHz.  Didn't know if there is any wiggle room at the top end.

    Thank you…

  • 关于混频器ADL5385

    今天做了一个关于混频器ADL5385的试验,我用100MHz进去通过倍频器被到200MHz,功率在4dBm左右,然后滤波去给ADL5385做本振,另外一边用一个10MHz信号经过180°的功分器,然后再经两个90°相位变换得倒 I Q信号的差分信号,功率在0dBm左右,最终输出的是400MHz信号,没有混频输出任何有用的信号,不知道是哪里做错了,没出得来?

  • ADL5385用作移相器


  • Difference between ADL5386 and ADL5385


    I am comparing two IQ modulators 5386 and 5385. It was described in the datasheet that ADL5386 has an attenuator that can follow the modulator. My question is: we already can suppress the modulator output signal to almost zero by lowering the…

  • ADL5387 and ADL5385 spurious issue

    Hello ,

           We find there are some spurious(like as little oscillation) from ADL5387 and ADL5385 chip when we make system evaluation.

    There are also similar spurious signal on this two evaluation board.

    Attached is the drawing that measure from LO port…