• RE: Regarding ADL5382 I and Q output

    I did use ADL5382 in n zero_IF receiver architecture and my baseband signal frequency is of several hundreds KHz. My understanding is that ADL5382 IF output frequency could down to DC.

  • RE: ADL5385/5382 vs AD8349/8347

    I agree on your opinion.

    For GSM 900/1800 band, according to the datasheet

    ADL5382: 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz IQ Demodulator (1XLO)

    AD8347:800 MHz to 2.7 GHz IQ Demodulator (1XLO) with VGA and Baseband Amplifiers (lower performance and power consumption…

  • RE: ADL5382 Vp-p clarification

    Hello Tom,

    The ADL5382 can swing beyond 2Vppk.  The spec on the datasheet is not a limit but rather a typical number meant to show that the ADL5382 is capable of swinging the 2Vppk full range of an ADC. In the maximum case, each leg, either I+ or I-,…

  • Which phase characteristics of the local is better, ADL5387 and ADL5382?

    Hi, all. I'm designing the quadrature detector by using ADL5382 or ADL5387. I wonder which is better in view of the phase noise of each LO interface.  An ADL5387 needs 2x fLO for LO input, but an ADL 5382 needs only 1xfLO. I think that ADL5382 includes…

  • RE: ADL5382 gain in 50 ohm system

    I am confused by the ADL5382 voltage conversion gain. I understand the conversion gain definition 20LOG(V0/Vin). But the output of ADL5382 has two channel (I and Q), then the conversion gain is 20LOG(V0/sqrt(I^2+Q^2))?

    Is this right?

  • Regarding ADL5382

    I am using ADL5382 device, I need 50ohms output at I and Q.
    Please tell me at what input level , i will get what levels or voltage at both I and Q outputs.

  • RE: ADL5382 baseband output range

    Hello Tom,

    The 2Vppk on the ADL5382 datasheet is not the max swing of the device.  It is an indicator that the ADL5382 is capable of achieving the entire dynamic range of a 2Vppk input range of an ADC.  The device can swing beyond this given large input…

  • ADL5382 EVM

    I would like some help quantifying what effect the EVM figures have on the accuracy of this device down at low signal levels. My current setup demodulates the RF signal (1.5GHz) directly down to DC as the LO is at the same frequency. The RF signal will…

  • ADL5382 and ADL5387


    i designed two boards , one with the ADL5382, and the other one with the ADL5387.

    both show the same problem : a new image appears, at frequency : RFin-3*LO.

    In both boards the LO is issued form an ADF4350, with a very bad third order harmonic…

  • ADL5382 RF/LO port S parameter


    Can you help support the S parameters of ADL5382 RF/LO ports? Thanks!