• Regarding ADL5382

    I am using ADL5382 device, I need 50ohms output at I and Q.
    Please tell me at what input level , i will get what levels or voltage at both I and Q outputs.

  • ADL5382 and ADL5387


    i designed two boards , one with the ADL5382, and the other one with the ADL5387.

    both show the same problem : a new image appears, at frequency : RFin-3*LO.

    In both boards the LO is issued form an ADF4350, with a very bad third order harmonic…

  • ADL5382 EVM

    I would like some help quantifying what effect the EVM figures have on the accuracy of this device down at low signal levels. My current setup demodulates the RF signal (1.5GHz) directly down to DC as the LO is at the same frequency. The RF signal will…

  • ADL5382 conversion gain issue


    I'm using the ADL5382 IQ demodulator as part of a FMCW radar. Apparently I'm having too much voltage conversion gain. I essentially integrated the evaluation board schematics into a custom board with more components. I'm using it at 915MHz.…

  • ADL5382 parameters clarification


    I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    One of my customers is interested in ADL5382 for GPS application on 1575 MHz.

    The following parameters are not clear for this frequency in Data sheet on 1.575GHz:
    Image rejection,
  • ADL5382 output LPF

    In ADL5382 application circuit at I/Q output there is a low pass filter with cut-off 1.9MHz. I want to change this filter to 20MHz cut-off. Kindly give me an advice on the component values for the 20MHz cut-off filter and also give some application notes…

  • ADL5382: frequency response


    I am evaluating the characteristic by using the evaluation board of Figure 60 in the ADL5382 datasheet.

    I will use the device by the bandwidth from 10KHz to 40MHz.

    To confirm the frequency response, I removed the transformer of T2 and T3 from…

  • ADL5382 conversion gain

    Hi Qui, I know I have asked about this topic before, but after recently reviewing it I'm not sure what I implemented was correct...

    Referencing the document you wrote titled voltage gain vs power gain for demodulators July 10 2012 i have a few queries…



    About ADL5382 data sheet Figure 6.(Normalized IQ Baseband Frequency Response)

    It is described from 10MHz.

    Could you teach BASEBAND RESPONSE from 1MHz to 10MHz?

    Best Regards,


  • ADL5382 AC coupling capacitor

    To use ADL5382 well, I'm now considering parts.

    What I want to ask is about AC coupling capacitor for RF and LO input.

    In the datasheet, 1000pF is recommended for the coupling capacitor.

    However, series resonant frequency(SRF) is worse at bigger…