• RE: AD5380 Eval Board Schematics

    Sorry, ADL5380. Board in question is the ADL5380-EVALZ.

  • ADL5380

    i use ADL5380,but it's so easy to damage,i changed several chips ,then it can work well,

    but one month later ,the output power lost more than 10dB, from -2dbm to -18dbm,

    and in this situation i changed a capacitor in the RF from balun to ADL5380…

  • ADL5380

    Do the adl5380 demodulator work whit RF freq at 5400MHZ and the LO freq at 5430MHz?

    are the I/Q outputs valid 30 MHz outputs in this case?

    tnx, Luca

  • ADL5380

    ADL5380基带输出为50 ohm差分阻抗,但为什么参考电路用的是9:1的巴伦,问过支持,怎么说是什么负载是450 ohm,然后用9:1转,但是手册上的差分输出50 ohm又是什么意思,如果是50ohm,我想用个1:1的转成单端50ohm可以么。 另IQ调制时,用单端转巴伦,1:1的怎么接共模电压

  • ADL5380

    I have a couple of questions regarding the ADL5380:

    1. Is there any characterization available for the slew rate of the I and Q amplifier outputs

    2. In the case where RFin and LO are close in frequency (seperated by 10KHz) we are noticing the outputs…

  • ADL5380


  • ADL5380 I/Q driving capability


    in my adl5380 application BB I/Q max freq is 190MHz.

    ADL5380 should be connected  with either a 2¨1 balun (100Ω -->50Ω)  or a 4:1 balun (200Ω-->50Ω)

    A  microstrip 100Ω differential line of aproax 12cm long connects al5380 with the balun.


  • ADL5380 part-to-part phase repeatability

    I'm looking at the ADL5380 for a multi-channel receiver. Each channel would have its own ADL5380. Channel-to-channel relative phase on the ADL5380 baseband output is important.

    First question: Does the ADL5380 mechanism for generating a quadrature…

  • RE: ADL5380 in circuit note CN-0374.

    In my device I want to use the AD8129 after ADL5380. But AD8129: "Differential Operating Range +-0.5 V (input)", and for the ADL5380: "Output Swing (differential 200 Ω load) 2 Vp-p". That is, the output voltage of the ADL5380 is necessary…