• ADL5380 Image rejection at higher IF


    Do you perhaps have any data on image rejection for higher IF frequencies? Specifically around 250 MHz, while the RF frequency is 5250 - 5750 MHz. If you have data for both high-side and low-side LO that would be great. 


  • RE: ADL5380

    Hi David,

    I need your help.

    I am testing the new Eval board of ADL 5380 .

    I have done all the necessary changes  told by you for the operating frequency 5.81Ghz at Lo and Rf like

    1. Removed R13 to R16

    2. Populated R2 to R5 with 0 ohm

    3. Populated R6 and…

  • IQ调制解调器像LTC5588-1和ADL5380这类支持5GNR吗



  • FAQ: ADL5380 Performance below 400 MHz.


    Is the performance of the ADL5380 maintained below 400 MHz?



    The minimum frequency as specified on the ADL5380 datasheet is 400 MHz.  Performance…

  • Single ended operation in ADL5380 for DC output

    We have the eval board of ADL5380. We desire to operate it in a single-ended mode. As suggested in the datasheet the RF and LO input already has a 100pf capacitor connected to one port and ground on the eval board for single-ended mode.  According to the…

  • FAQ: Understanding ADL5380 IQ Demodulator EVM Performance Plots

    Figure 83 and Figure 84 of the ADL5380 datasheet show EVM curves for demodulated WiMAX and WCDMA respectively.


    Why is there an EVM difference between the 10MHz BW upstream WiMAX signal at 2.6GHz and a WCDMA signal at 1900MHz? The difference…

  • Re: ADL5380 DSB NF Measurement

    Re: ADL5380 DSB NF Measurement by Qui

    Hello HJ,

    A standard agilent NF meter (like the N8974A) by its nature is measuring DSB.  In the case of the ADL5380 the DSB number of one channel (I or Q) is measured and reported.  Because the ADL5380 is an I/Q demod…

  • ADL5380 Insertion Loss Issue in Lower Frequencies (400MHz-2GHz)

    Good Evening Sir/Madam,

    We bought ADL5380 EVM  from Analog Devices.

    Practical Observations

    1. As per datasheet, this EVM provides 7dB insertion loss at 900MHz, but we observed that ADL5380 is providing 30dB insertion Loss.

    2. This EVM is providing insertion…

  • FAQ: 1/f Noise for the ADL5387, ADL5382, and ADL5380


    What is the 1/f noise of the ADL5387



    Attached is the 1/f noise of the ADL5380.  I had a discussion with the design engineer of the ADL5387…

  • ADL5380 EVM dependence vs input signal

    Hello EZ Team.

    My customer has a question regarding ADL5380 EVM dependence vs input signal. They have calculated some parameters using ADISimRF as well as MathCAD. Calculations show that linear EVM degradation is caused by the demodulator noise floor…