• Can AD9154 be connected to ADL5375?


    Recently I was reading the data sheet of DAC chip and modulator.

    There is a description in the modulator adl5375 as follows: "The ADL5375-05 is designed to interface with minimal components to members of the Analog Devices, Inc. TxDAC families. These…

  • FAQ: Baseband Bandwidth of ADL5375 Broadband IQ Modulator


    Do you have a plot showing the baseband bandwidth of the ADL5375?



    The two attached plots show the results of baseband frequency…

  • RE: About Figure 21 in ADL5375

    My apologies for the late reply; the message slipped through. We recommend you drive the ADL5375 with at least -6dBm of LO input power. Below that level, the TOI and distortion numbers (dBc) will degrade.

  • RE: Can AD9152 be connected to ADL5375?


    I see in CN0205:

    figure 1


    And I think that some of the DACs suggested in the figure 1 should not be all the chips, and some of the DAC chips…

  • About Figure 21 of ADL5375

    I am writing for the first time.

    I had a question from a customer about ADL5375.


    For the ADL5375 Figure 21 data sheet, LO AMPLITUDE (dBm) is displayed from -6 dBm to 6 dBm LO Second order distortion, third order distortion, sideband when LO LOPLPLDEDE…

  • connecting output of AD9854 DDS to ADL5375-05 modulator

    we have connected the output I/Q of the AD9854 to ADL5375-05 ,with a 500mv dc ,

    the Rset is 2.2Kohm to have a current of app 9mA,

    with two 51ohm resistor and a 100 ohm swing limiter resistor, but we dont get 0dBm at the output of mixer,

    what can…

  • FAQ: Is there a Performance Benefit Associated with Driving the ADL5375 Local Oscillator Input  Differentially?


    Is there a Performance Benefit Associated with Driving the ADL5375 Local Oscillator Input Differentially?



    The LO inputs of…

  • ADl5375正交调制

    你好,我现在在用ADL 5375做一个正交调制器,LO本振是使用ADF 4351输入,原理图设计各部分按照芯片手册来设计


  • ADL5375 second-order distortion


    The second-order distortion is high than expected.

    LO = 0 dBm single-ended drive, 3800MHz
    BB = 0.2Vpp, 500 mV dc bias
    SSB OUTPUT = -15dBm

    From the datasheet the second-order distortion should be less than -80dBc. My measurement have shown that…

  • ADL5375-05 Pulse Mode

    In my application modulator uses in pulse mode with ratio 1:10.

    What do you think if to power off modulator and amplifiers (ADL5321) for 900 us and power on for 100 us?

    Practically I found out that after 2 us of power on modulator is able to work fine…