• operation of ADL5375


    I have a question regarding the operation of ADL5375. Based on the datasheet, my understanding is that the ADL5375 evaluation board can only be operated in differential mode with a common mode bias of 500 mV or 1500 mV. Are there options to operate…

  • ADL5375 LO s11


    I found ADL5375 LO S11 at the forum, is the LO s11 at cold temp available as well? ie -40C



  • ADL5375 - Are test boards available?

    ADL5375 Figure 75.- Are "SINGLE-TO-DIFFERENTIAL CIRCUIT BOARD" and "F-MOD CHAR BD" available?.  Is it possible to get more information or schematics of those boards?

  • adl5375  DSOP current


    Does any one know how much current is needed on the DSOP pin to pull it high. I can't find this in the datasheet?

    I have a signal with only 10µA. Will this be possible. 

    Kind regards 

  • ADL5375 and ADL5380 S-Parameters

    Are the S-Parameters of the RF and LO connections for the ADL5375 and the ADL5380 available?

  • ADL5375 Switch DP4T


    I'm working with a new design based on the ADL5365 modulator and the ADL5380 demodulator. They both can reach a frequency of 6 GHz. The LO input is a differential-one. I'd like to use two different filters in the input to reject the armonics for…

  • ADL5375 Mixer Parameters


    We are simulating some sweep using the models that was provided earlier.

    Can we calculate from the datasheet following

    a) LoTORF isolation

    b) Lo to IF isolation (dB)

    c) Image rejection

    Also since data sheet has mentioned OIP3 and OP2, is…

  • ADL5375 BB biasing level

    The ADL5375 datasheet mentions a recommended dc-bias level of 500mV for the BB inputs (see pin description page 8).

    How much can I deviate from this recommended level without introducing degradation? I would like to use a bias level of 800mV instead…

  • ADL5375-05 Pulse Mode

    In my application modulator uses in pulse mode with ratio 1:10.

    What do you think if to power off modulator and amplifiers (ADL5321) for 900 us and power on for 100 us?

    Practically I found out that after 2 us of power on modulator is able to work fine…

  • ADL5375 image rejection problems


    I am using the ADL5375 IQ modulator with the AD9122 DAC IQ outputs. The DAC outputs are lowpass filtered and the LO drive is single ended. The LO generator is not an ADI part, but generates the LO at required levels with good phase noise. I get…