• FAQ: Baseband Bandwidth of ADL5375 Broadband IQ Modulator


    Do you have a plot showing the baseband bandwidth of the ADL5375?



    The two attached plots show the results of baseband frequency sweeps…

  • Interfacing ADL5375 with ADF4351: LPF design

    Dear supporter,

    on pag. 23 of ADF4351 datasheet I found the interfacing scheme between ADF4351 and ADL5375.

    Could you please suggest a LPF design to differentially interface the two devices when the ADF4351 is working with an 800 MHz RFout and a REF…

  • ADL5375 modulation method

    How's ADL5375 modulation method is I (t) * cos (2 * PI * ft) - Q (t) * sin (2 * PI * ft), or the I (t) * cos (2 * PI * ft) + Q (t) * sin (2 * PI * ft)?

    And how to determine?

  • connecting output of AD9854 DDS to ADL5375-05 modulator

    we have connected the output I/Q of the AD9854 to ADL5375-05 ,with a 500mv dc ,

    the Rset is 2.2Kohm to have a current of app 9mA,

    with two 51ohm resistor and a 100 ohm swing limiter resistor, but we dont get 0dBm at the output of mixer,

    what can be wrong…

  • FAQ: Is there a Performance Benefit Associated with Driving the ADL5375 Local Oscillator Input  Differentially?


    Is there a Performance Benefit Associated with Driving the ADL5375 Local Oscillator Input Differentially?



    The LO inputs of most…

  • RE: DAC-adl5375 dc coupled interface & LOFT optimization

    Hello sdh,

    A review of the ADA4932 datasheet shows that common mode errors are intended to be reduced.

    In order for LOFT nulling to be accomplished on the ADL5375, offsets need to be intentionally introduced on each pair. For example, I channel offset…

  • ADL5375-05 harmonics


    I'm testing ADL5375-05 modulator on ADL5375-05EP EVALZ evaluation board and I'm getting higher order harmonics significantly higher then specified.

    The test I did is replica of the datasheet test at 2.15 GHz and 3.5 GHz. The LO is single…

  • CN0285(ADL5375+ADF4351) Modulator testing issue


              Customer use CN0285 EVB for OIP2 test by below condition.  They compare to ADL5375 datasheet that OIP3 under reasonable range as Figure 18. But OIP2 test value looks worse compare Figure 19. What are difference between datasheet testing condition…

  • RE: ADL5375 noise floor

    Hi Dragan,

    The LO source phase noise is often the culprit in these situations. Note that until now we have been discussing noise floor in terms of dBm/Hz, whereas phase noise is usually relative to a carrier signal in units of dBc/Hz.

    It's difficult to…