• ADL5375-05 vs -ADL5375-15

    Which is the better for lowest spurs -the 0.5V biased ADL5365-05 vs. the  1.5V biased ADL5375-15?

    I am driving the ADL5375 IQ mod with ADF9788 DAC,  fixed LO freq =900M, with internal DAC DDS set  to 150Mz. The data rate is 225M for Instantaneous BWidth…

  • RE: ADL5375 noise floor

    Hi Dragan,

    During my testing I applied 0.5V common mode voltage to all baseband inputs with slight offsets to cause the LO signal to pop up and pass through (opposite of nulling). Also, I had the on board amplifier bypassed, so looking at the ADL5375…

  • ADL5375

    Hello. I have a problem with output signal (no signal).

    LOIN&LOIP -4dBm (+2Vdc)

    DSOP floating +0.6Vdc

    QBBN, QBBP, IBBN, IBBP no signal (+0.5Vdc)

    VPS1, VPS2 +5Vdc

    RFOUT no signal (+3.4Vdc)

    NC, COMM, EP connected to ground  plane via a low impedance…

  • ADL5375

    What is the level or the range of level signals of ADL5375 for pins IBBP, IBBN, QBBP, QBBN? I mean (for example) something like input sensivity of AD9914.Maybe this information is in the data sheet of ADL5375 too, but unfortunately I couldn't to find…

  • ADL5375 output power

    I'm now testing AD9779A-DPG2-EBZ evaluation board.

    It has TxDAC AD9779A and IQ-modulator ADL5375-05 onboard.

    Modulation data stream is generated from external FPGA and LO input comes from ADF4350-EB1Z.

    Generated RF spectrum works as expected, but…

  • ADL5375&ADL5380


  • ADL5375调制






  • RE: operation of ADL5375

    The ADL5375 needs the common mode voltage to operate correctly. This is very common with IQ modulators, as it provides a means of carrier LO nulling. It sounds like you might need just a normal mixer. Take a look at the product search link below. Possibly…

  • ADL5375 footprint problem


    When I have a looked at the datasheet, in page 32 there is a land pattern which was used in the eval board of AD5375. But in page 35 OUTLINE DIMENSIONS is different comparing with the page 32. 

    If you check it you will see e-pad dim of CP-24-7 is…

  • ADL5375 LO s11


    I found ADL5375 LO S11 at the forum, is the LO s11 at cold temp available as well? ie -40C