• FAQ: Thermal Resistance of LFCSP packages used in ADL5370/1/2/3/4/5 Modulators


    What is the Thermal Resistance of LFCSP packages used in ADL5370/1/2/3/4/5 Modulators?



    Thermal  Resistance,  expressed in °C…

  • ADL5370输出解码星座图失真


          我最近在使用ADL5370 这款芯片,输入I/Q两路差分正交信号,调制模式QPSK,时钟本振390MHz,结果输出的信号解码出来的星座图产生失真,不知道原因在哪。ADL5370的前级和后级我们都断开测试了,可以排除其他部分的问题,。



  • ADL5370 operating frequency range


    the ADL5370 minimum operating frequency is 300 MHz.

    Which performances are affected if the part is operated down to 200 MHz?




  • ADL5370 turn-on time

    Which is the turn-on time of the ADL5370 modulator?


  • FAQ: Measuring the Compression Point (OP1dB) of IQ Modulators


    Could you please tell me how we test the P1dB of an IQ Modulator like the ADL5375 or ADL5370/1/2/3/4? Since the P1dB is so high, how do you apply a baseband signal of such a high high level?


  • FAQ: When I use the Auxiliary DACs to compensate for IQ Mod LO Leakage, what resistor tolerance should I use?


    I want to use the Auxiliary DACs of the AD9779A to compensate away the LO Leakage of an IQ Modulator. I am using the recommended schematic from the data sheet of the ADL5370/1/2/3/4 family of IQ Modulators. What resistor tolerance should I choose…

  • 关于AD9142A的配套模拟器以及选型问题

    由于需要使用AD9142A来完成QDUC 以及DAC转换,生成模拟I/Q信号,推荐的配套模拟调制器为ADL5370,但是我们RF载波频率为 60M左右,所以 ADL5370不适合,看了一下只有ADL5385 可以满足要求。

    另外,其中AD9957 是一款集成芯片,不要外部配置 模拟调制器即可,但是DAC 是14bit的。

    请问一下 对于我们 应用来说 考虑到各种杂散抑制、噪声抑制、系统复杂度等,使用第一个 AD9142A+ADL5385 还是AD9957 好呢?


  • FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Question: FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Answer: For starters, there is only one good reason to try and use the AD8346 at frequencies below its specified 800 MHz minimum. And that reason is the fact that the device has…

  • RE: ADL5385 modulator phase reset

    Hello Cui,

    Unfortunately, this 180 degree phase ambiguity comes from quadrature LO signal generation with 2xLO. It is unpredictable and not avoidable at 2xLO product like ADL5385 unlikely 1xLO product like ADL5370/1/2/3/45.

    Best Regards


  • RE: ADL5375-05 vs -ADL5375-15

    -05 common mode version of ADL5375 is to interface our DAC(0.5V DC common mode voltage as default, 20mA Full scale current with 50 ohm termination) directly as like previous other modulators(ADL5370/1/2/3/4). And -15 version of ADL5375 would be from…