• RE: [ADL5365] - Component selection

    Hi Antonio,

    The components value should be suitable for the whole frequency range, so no need to change the value for different frequencies. The datasheet is based on measurement taken on eval boards.

    A BOM list is attached for detailed material information…

  • ADL5365 Package Type

    The package drawing for ADL5365 is different from the preliminary data sheet to the current Rev C data sheet. Please confirm the production package type and the correct package drawing.

  • ADL5365-EVALZ performance as upconveter

    Has anyone used the ADL5365-EVALZ as an IF-to-RF upconverter?

    I am interseted in knowing about the image suppression I can expect for a 70 MHz IF to 2.3 GHz RF conversion



  • S parameter for below mixers


    Can we use S parameter file (S2P etc)

    about LTC5551 , ADL5367, ADL5365,ADL5801

    Best regards 

    Thank you very much.

  • I&Q precision as homodyne  down converter

    The main  goal is to detect  microVolts signal disturbance , low frequency , 10Khz  using fiber-optics , by Homodyn  down-conversion .

    The source is very accurate 2Ghz  from high Q OEO as very low noise & very  low phase noise reference freq. It splits…

  • RE: ADL5375 Switch DP4T

    Take a look at ADG936. It's is specified to work to 4 GHz (insertion loss and isolation are degrading with increasing frequency). At higher frequencies you may still be able to make it work if you can provide enough source LO power.

    In your original…

  • RE: ADL5365 - Performance variation vs LO frequency

    Hi Antonio,

    The performance should be quite similar to 1697MHz. It's not a large shift on the frequency and usually as long as LO drive level is sufficient and frequency is in band, the performance will be very similar.


  • RE: Digital Pre-distortion

    ADI offers a complete eval platform for evalualting DPD: Called the AD-MSDPD-EVB, it takes baseband I and Q data and generates an RF output signal up to +18dBm which can be passed to an external PA for transmit. Spectral purity is targeted up to MCGSM…

  • RE: Need ADI alternative to mixer PE 4140-52

    The PE4140-52 is a mixer switching core.  Performance and applications are strongly dependent on external baluns.  The ADI offerings are more complete mixers (plus internal IF amplifiers).

    Can we get more technical details? On a high level we have man…

  • ADL5375-05 vs -ADL5375-15

    Which is the better for lowest spurs -the 0.5V biased ADL5365-05 vs. the  1.5V biased ADL5375-15?

    I am driving the ADL5375 IQ mod with ADF9788 DAC,  fixed LO freq =900M, with internal DAC DDS set  to 150Mz. The data rate is 225M for Instantaneous BWidth…