• Downconversion to Baseband Using ADL5350


    My purpose is to use ADL5350 with an RF frequency of around 3.5GHz Since I want to downconvert this signal to the baseband (or very close to the DC level), I will use a fixed LO with a frequency of also 3.5GHz. Is this application possible with the…

  • ADL5350 HF characteristics


    I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

    Our customer is considering to use ADL5350 to HF,VHF and UHF.

    ADI web site shows it works from 1MHz to 4GH of RF frequency.

    But Data sheet shows only the characteristic data from 750M to 975MHz and 1.8G to 2.05GHz…

  • ADL5350的双频信号混频

    你好,本人对混频器的运行原理等并不是非常了解,在这里想咨询一下,当RF信号频率为f1f2的双频信号的混合,本振LO 为不同频率信号F1\F2的合路时 该产品是否可以进行混频 从而得到f1-F1与f2-F2的下变频信号  再这种情况下整个混频器的性能会有所下降吗

  • ADL5350 measured different freq.

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    My customer has requested reliability issues for ADL5350.
    The measurements were made as shown in page 20 of the datasheet.
    The results were similar.

    So, we measured different frequencies.

    Freq. Spec
    - RF Frequency…

  • ADL5350 LO RL

    What is the typical LO return loss performance for 7800 range based on the recommended LO filter network suggested in datasheet?

  • ADL5350 RFin and LOin Power


    What is the minimum RF and LO input power for ADL5350 mixer ?
    I could not see any data about it in the datasheet.


  • Inquiry about ADL5350


    My customer is trying to use ADL5350 for RF Up & Down converter modules.

    The customer tested the performanc through the ADL5350's EVB, and wants to use a filter network only on the output port of the ADL5350.

    In the down converter, the…

  • ADL5350 IF matching topology and value_Urgent

    Hi application teams,

    Our customer selected ADL5350 for wideband IF frequency as below topology.

    currently, IF freq of 800M is announced as below table. But she needs to others frequency that is high frequency. so I think New IF matching topology is…

  • Phase noise degradation for ADL5350 Lo buffer

    Hello guys,

    My customer is developing a base station for commercial radio that have 136MHz to 174MHz LMR frequency range. Recently, they used conventional DBM with diode bridge to get enough IMD (85dBc) and now try to use out ADL5350. For IMD, they are…

  • ADL5350 ADL5802 upcovert performance ?

    Hi all,

    Out customer will select the upconvert mixer.

    ADL5350 and ADL5802 are included in the candidate device.

    The spec. and typical performance in the datasheet is downconvert measurement.

    Typical upconvert data is available ?

    Best regards,