• ADL5350


    Could I get S-parameter data for the ADL5350ACPZ mixer on its own so that I can design the matching networks I need around it?


  • ADL5350 Mixer


    Could you teach us the NF of Figure 59 and the IIP3 measuring condition of Figure 60 in the data sheet?

    We assume the IIP3 measuring condition of Figure 60 as follows. Is that right?

    RF level / frequency : 0dBm /154 MHz

    LO level / frequency :…

  • Inquiry about ADL5350


    My customer is trying to use ADL5350 for RF Up & Down converter modules.

    The customer tested the performanc through the ADL5350's EVB, and wants to use a filter network only on the output port of the ADL5350.

    In the down converter, the…

  • ADL5350 frequency range

    Hi ,

    I am planning to use ADL5350 for the below applications. Please let me know if the part is suited for these applications:

    1) RF input 107MHz - 137MHz and IF is fixed at 21.4MHz

    2) RF input 107MHz - 137MHz and the IF is varied from DC to 30MHz…

  • ADL5350 measured different freq.

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    My customer has requested reliability issues for ADL5350.
    The measurements were made as shown in page 20 of the datasheet.
    The results were similar.

    So, we measured different frequencies.

    Freq. Spec
    - RF Frequency…

  • ADL5350 LO RL

    What is the typical LO return loss performance for 7800 range based on the recommended LO filter network suggested in datasheet?

  • ADL5350 ADL5802 upcovert performance ?

    Hi all,

    Out customer will select the upconvert mixer.

    ADL5350 and ADL5802 are included in the candidate device.

    The spec. and typical performance in the datasheet is downconvert measurement.

    Typical upconvert data is available ?

    Best regards,


  • Frequency range of ADL5350

    RF, IF and LO frequency range was not clearly described in ADL5350 datasheet.
    But, based on applications information in ADL5350 datasheet, I guess that RF, IF and LO frequency range of ADL5350 are LF ~ 4GHz.

    Is it right?

    I want to use ADL5350 as the…

  • Driving ADL5350 from ADF4360-7

    The ADL5350 needs about 4dBm LO drive. In my case the LO is around 1700 MHz. Do I need a balun and a LO buffer to use the ADF4360-7 as the LO source? Or perhaps some smart trick allows me to connect it differently as LO harmonics is not important as the…

  • Conversion loss of ADL5350


    My customer is testing the performance of ADL5350 in the conditions as below

        -RF freq : 2487MHz

        -IF freq : 2352.5MHz

        -LO freq : 134.5MHz(+6dBm)

        -Signal  : LTE

    The conversion loss of ADL5350 was very poor compared to specification in datasheet…