• ADL5336 Spice model

    Hello. Can I get the spice model for the above mentioned VGA? It'll be of great help. Thank you.

  • ADL5336 AGC detector bandwidth


    I'm planning on using the ADL5336 for an AGC funtion but the AGC settling time needs to be on the order of a few microseconds.

    The datasheet shows that the VGA's gain response time is ~ 100nsec but there is little data on the detector's response…

  • ADL5336 with single ended inputs

    Hi everyone!

    From the a ADL5336 datasheet is unclear is this VGA can be used with single ended inputs. I would really appreciate someone's explanation about this.



  • Output Differential impedance of ADL5336


    Can I assume the output differential impedance of VGA1 is 200 Ohms & VGA2 is 100 Ohms in ADL5336. This is quite confusing from the datasheet as in datasheet page 1 it mentions: "The output of each VGA can drive 100 Ω loads to 5 V p-p maximum…

  • ADL5336 vga2_switch inverted (datasheet rev.B)

    Hi all,

    On my ADL5336 "cascadable IF VGA", when I put '0' in register VGA2_SWITCH, the signal from input B is found in output rather than input A.

    In the datasheet (rev A or B), if these is "0" in the register then output signal =…

  • The ADL5336 has a low frequency oscillation.  How do I fix this?

    It has been observed that while toggling the MODE pin from either low-to-high or high-to-low while the part is powered-up and the GAIN1 and/or GAIN2 pins set to 30 mV or lower, that the DUT breaks out into oscillation, usually with a fundamental frequency…

  • RE: Query about AD8309's Limiter Output

    Hi Wayne,

    How about one of our VGAs?  AD8367, AD8368, or ADL5336?




    Are you trying to do an AGC loop?


  • RE: looking for automatic gain control (AGC) ic...

    hello rigustafson,

    I would recommend you to use one of the following VGA with AGC detector below which are suitable for your applications:

    AD8367 - 500 MHz, Linear-in-dB VGA with AGC Detector.

                   It can operate as AGC amp, in 6MHz range. Sample AGC…

  • RE: AD8368 - Input gain control


    You are correct, the GAIN pin has a very high input impedance and should only draw a couple of uA or less of current.  This current draw would be negligible if your resistive divider wants to draw about 1 mA. 

    Does you system not allow the use…

  • RE: AD8368 strange behavior (HPFL-DECL function)

    Hi Martin,

    I'm glad your problem is fixed with the RL snubber network.  Yeah, there should be some text in the datasheet about the AD8368 inverting the signal.  In a lot of the AD3868 applications either phase isn't really important (hence no phase…