• FAQ: How can I avoid startup transients when operating the AD8318 in Controller Mode?


    How can I avoid startup transients when operating the AD8318 in Controller Mode?  I am using the AD8318 Log Detector/Controller to control  the output level in an AGC loop.  The control loop consists of a fixed-gain  RF amplifier, an ADL5330 VGA, a…

  • ADL5330 Impedance Data


    Is there impedance data available for the ADL5330 VGA?

    We are using in the front end of a 450 MHZ radar system



  • RE: AGC working at X band

    Hello Khanh,

    You could try AD8317 for the detector, which also supports controller mode. See datasheet page 13 and Figure 30. You will need a VGA with wider frequency range than ADL5330 can support. 

  • RE: HMC993 replacement part for AGC circuit

    Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for your inquiry.  We have other VGA and Detector products that may work for your application.  A couple of analog devices that may apply are:  ADL5330 analog VGA and a log detector, AD8318 .  Details are available on Analog.com.  See also…

  • ADL5330 and AD8318 AGC circuit

    Hi Experts,

    I used ADL5330 and AD8318 to configure AGC Loop.

    The circuit is same as Fig37 in page16 of ADL5330 spec.

    In CW mode, it works perfect.

    I have a question, if I want to use it in pulse mode.

    Carrier is 500M, the pulse width is 100ms…

  • ADL5330 ENBL pin control w/ RF power input

    Hi all,

    About ADL5330,
    hot swiching (on/off control) of the ENBL pin is available with the RF signal input @-10dBm ?

    Best regards,

  • BOM list of ADL5330 evaluation board


    Could I have the BOM list of ADL5330 evaluation board?

    Especially, I want to know coil vendor and parts# of  L1A, and L2A .



  • RE: ADL5330 Gain Setting

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: ADL5330 pin connections.

    The three SMA connectors shoudl be left open.

  • AGC器件响应时间