• Gain of ADL5330 for low frequency


    My customer wants to use frequency of ADL5330 from 20MHz to 1GHz.

    She measured S21 of ADL5330 evaluation board by network analyzer as below(Vgain=1.4V).

    In the above measurement result, ADL5330 gain at 20MHz is 8dB.

    But, ADL5330 gain at 20MHz…

  • Enable of ADL5330

    Hi Team,


    Please let me know the "Enable Response Time" of ADL5330.

    How many seconds should it wait until ADL5330 is stabilized?



  • RE: I got a problem about AGC

    Try setting VSET to 1.8 V and sweep the power level that is going into the ADL5330. ( this assumes the coupling value is -20dB) The voltage divider placed between the VOUT pin of the AD8318 and the VGAIN pin of the ADL5330 is required so the voltage from…

  • Performance of Automatic Gain control at 2.7GHz

                I have tested the performance of ADL5330 evaluation board and AD8318 Logarithmic detector/controller evaluation board individually. But for AGC i have calibrated it by joining these two evaluation board together as shown in fig.37 of datasheet of ADL5330…

  • ADL5330 θJC

    Hi all,

    In the datasheet, it is only θJA.
    θJA (with Pad Soldered to Board) 60°C/W

    θJC is available to provide?

    Best regards,

  • ADL5330 or AD8367

    Hi, Joel;

    I saw ADI has a new VGA named ADL5330, can we use this as a replacement for AD8367? For your reference, I post a schematic of our system.



  • ADL5330 hot

    I have evaluated ADL5330. Could anyone comment on my question as below.

    I first used AD8367 as AGC to have 180~360MHz output together with AD8362(RF Det) and AD820(OP Amp). It is working fine, no problem at all.

    Next I used ADL5330 to have higher output…

  • RE: ADL5331 P-1dB

    There is no p1dB data in the ADL5331 datasheet. The two parts are similar though. If you compare Figure 20 in the ADL5331 datasheet with figure 38 in the ADL5330 datasheet you can get a sense for their comparative saturation powers. However, these two…

  • RE: Issue regarding VGA ADL5330

    1. According to Figure 12 in the datasheet, the output P1dB is about +3 or +4 dBm at Vgain = 1.1V.  Since output P1dB is a strong function of gain, increasing the gain will increase output P1dB.
    2. I forgot the baluns were that lossy.  That makes sense now…
  • RE: Problem when use Controller Mode of AD8318 with VGA ADL5330

    In AGC loops, the feedback needs to be negative, similar to negative feedback with and Opamp - the negative feedback forces the positive and negative inputs to the same value.  Which is why in a typical AGC loop either the VGA's gain slope is negative…