• Gain and return loss issue in ADL5324 default eval board

    Hello ,

    I have purchased a default eval board of ADL5324 as per below link and data given, this eval board works quite well in the 2.2 GHz to 2.3 GHz 


    But, data does not match with our purchased default…

  • RE: ADL5324 and ADL5320 EVM Issue

    Hi, Jim:

    I test the ADL5324 couldn't match your report(ADL5324 EVM.pdf).

    The ADL5324's EVM only reach 14dBm @ EVM<1%.

    Could you tell me what happen?

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  • ADL5324


  • RE: Regarding ADRV9364-Z7020 balun. and ADL5324 driver amplifier query

    Can you please provide the detail of balun replacement in ADRV9364-Z7020, as it is optimized for 2400-2500 MHz, and our requirement for TX : 2200-2300 MHz, and RX : 2025-2120 MHz, 

    These are the different configuration…

  • ADL5324 matching circuit for 400MHz~1GHz

    Hi, Jim:

    The Power Amplifier ADL5324 Evaluation Board's support three segement for bias connections.

    But on my project, the ADL5324 would support 400MHz~1GHz, so could you tell me how to design the matching circuit?

  • ADL5324 @ 400MHz


    I am having an application in which I am going to use 400 - 420 MHz band. Design is based on a 3.3V supply. Reference designs in the data sheet is given for 420 - 494 MHz band. Will there be any change in component selection from the reference design…

  • ADL5324 @ 1GHz

    What should the component matching distances be for a 1GHz square wave? The data sheet lists 869-961MHz but then nothing until 1880MHz by which time the distances have reduced considerably.Do I assume 1GHz is close enough to 961MHz ?

    I don't have access…



    I plan to use the amplifier ADL5324 in my design and my target frequency is 3400 MHz. The datasheets reports the component placement in mils (for each band) on a FR4 PCB. My board will be an FR408 board (4 layers) and the distance of the ground plane…

  • ADL5324 maximum VSWR


    I'd like to know the maximum VSWR the ADL5324 amplifier can withstand without permanent damage.

    Thanks a lot.