• RE: ADL5324 and ADL5320 EVM Issue

    Hi, Jim:

    I test the ADL5324 couldn't match your report(ADL5324 EVM.pdf).

    The ADL5324's EVM only reach 14dBm @ EVM<1%.

    Could you tell me what happen?

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  • ADL5324


  • ADL5324 matching circuit for 400MHz~1GHz

    Hi, Jim:

    The Power Amplifier ADL5324 Evaluation Board's support three segement for bias connections.

    But on my project, the ADL5324 would support 400MHz~1GHz, so could you tell me how to design the matching circuit?

  • ADL5324 @ 1GHz

    What should the component matching distances be for a 1GHz square wave? The data sheet lists 869-961MHz but then nothing until 1880MHz by which time the distances have reduced considerably.Do I assume 1GHz is close enough to 961MHz ?

    I don't have access…



    I plan to use the amplifier ADL5324 in my design and my target frequency is 3400 MHz. The datasheets reports the component placement in mils (for each band) on a FR4 PCB. My board will be an FR408 board (4 layers) and the distance of the ground plane…

  • ADL5324 maximum VSWR


    I'd like to know the maximum VSWR the ADL5324 amplifier can withstand without permanent damage.

    Thanks a lot.

  • RE: Dimensions for Evaluation Boards

    Hi Suren_86,

                            The ADL5324 is 41.275 mm wide by 38.1 mm high.

                            The ADL5521 is 32.639 mm wide by 46.355 mm high.

  • RE: How to design the matching network of ADL5324 and ADL5523

    Hi Chris,

                The attached document contains the copper thicness and board material thickness for the ADL5324 and ADL5523.

  • RE: ADL5324 - S Parameters

    Thank you for pointing this out and we appreciate you taking the effort to go through the archives before creating this post. See the attached s2p file containing s-parameters for the operating frequency range of the device.

    Edit: Updated the post with…