• ADL5320

    So I have what's probably a boneheaded question... where is the quiescent power supplied on the ADL5320 power amplifier? It is a 3 terminal device w/ an RF-IN, GND, and RF-OUT. Exposed tab is also a GND connection. Where is Vsup connected?


  • ADL5320

    In datasheets like the one of the ADL5320 there is indicated a tuning procedure to optimize for OIP3, OP1dB, gain. How much do I lose by simply putting the passive components next to each other in a space constrained application instead of placing them…

  • ADL5320 lamdba values

    Hello everyone, I`m working in a new RF proyect. I have a question using the ADL5320.

    If I want to amplifier frequencies from 400 to 900Mhz, what are the values for lambda 1 to 4?



  • IP2 for ADL5536 and ADL5320


    In considering these parts for a design, while they have specified (and very good) IP3 specs, the application requires understanding IP2 as well.

    Can you please share IP2 data? It's not spec'd in the datasheets.


  • ADL5324 and ADL5320 EVM Issue


           I have use ADL5324 andADL5320 to design RF front end , but I test the EVM is vey bad. Could you tell me ADL5324 and ADL5320 EVM specification, please? Thank you.

  • ADL5610,ADL5320 Output Pin Maximum Ratings

    Hello.I have a questions,output pin maximum voltage of ADL5610 and ADL5320.

    In worst case , I can think full swing output voltage and return voltage from Antenna that not matching impedance.

    Now i thing using ADL5610 , ADL5320.But cant see output pin…

  • 可变增益 衰减器 ADL5320






  • RF Driver Amplifier (ADL5320) will it operate below 400MHz?


    Just wondering if the ADL5320or similar SOT-89 packaged part might work down to 145Mhz?

    I need the following specs for an amplifier:

    Fout = 145MHz

    P1dB ~ 20dBm

    Gain ~ 12dB



  • RE: ACP Simulation WorkSpaces

    See attached zip files. During the ADL5320 sweep, the equation debugger pops up. When it does, just close it and the simulation will continue and will report correct results. The ADL5320 simulation uses a comb carrier. The ADL8111 simulation uses a configurable…

  • Application Circuit Required

    I Need application circuit and recommend component list of  HMC789ST89E , ADL5320  for 950-1250 MHz band.